Purpose of life

Does life has a purpose?

I think there is no bigger question than this for children. As an adult I think you shouldnt be thinking about it anymore. You should have just accept the fact that yes, life is a mystery, no one knows how and why and you should enjoy every given day of life on this Earth.

By not accepting this basic fact about life, you can fall in deep anguish wrestling with ideas, trying to understand, trying to use your logic to come to conclusion. In those moments, you cannot be part of society. You cannot work, you cannot study, you cannot enjoy and you cannot do anything. Nothing makes sense. How can you worry about mathematics when you dont know the purpose of life??? Math problem is nothing in comparison to this big question, purpose of life. You have to know the answer to such a big thing. You cannot go every day on job and think about emails when you dont know the purpose of life. Lets say your house is on fire. Everything is going to get burned and you have serious problem. All what you are thinking about is how to get out alive. You dont think about saving your fridge. You just cant think about it. In the same way, if you dont know the purpose of life, you cant think about mathematics. We have a serious problem here. I exist and I dont know why I exist and I dont know what should I do now. Dont bother me with mathematics, help me, give me an answer.

Once this question enters your mind, you will have to change something. You cant stay the same. Some people go and travel, they do drugs, they party. And some people, they close themselves in room and they read books all day. They search for answers. Religions, philosophy, sience…they read anything that could help them. Here and there they think that they understand something, but Earth is still spinning and you have to do something with your life and time. Reading books and thinking that you do understand something doesnt get you anywhere. More and more this poor person is isolating himself, alienating, starting to think that everything is meaningless. They start to think that money is bad, that material things are bad, that being happy is bad, that this whole game of life is bad. In reality they are insecure and they dont feel capable of being a player of this game so they are hiding behind abstract philosophies. And now in modern times more than ever. Comfort, roof over our head, food on table, books, Internet, computer, phones. We have so much options to escape difficulties of life and to hide. But interesting thing to mention is that dissatisfied people are worrying about purpose of life. People that are having a good time dont have a reason to worry why they exist. They are happy that they do exist.

Worrying wont do you any good. That is easy to say, I know. But you have to understand that you will never know the purpose of life. You are just becoming mentally lazy thinking and worrying about life and not doing anything. Life is passing by. But how to be normal again? Because thinking about life can lead you to insanity. You do have to build some value system for yourself. You do have to have some values that you are living for. Some people had nice childhood and they got installed pleasurable values from their parents, and some people didnt have that from their parents. And those children struggle more through life. But they will have to find their own answers and build their own value system. The key element is discipline. Without discipline there is no life and no pleasure and no peace. Now, it doesnt matter whether you choose sports, work, art, music or whatever. There has to be something that will make you free from your own mind. And once when you do get some positive results and you do build your own values, principles and opinions, you will see how stupid is this question the ‘purpose of life.’

Purpose of life is to live, work, create, produce, explore, enjoy, to be present in the moment, to know that you dont know and still being able to say, I dont care. I have my time here on this Earth and I will live it how I want.

With age most people just relax with this question, but young people can have a really hard time with it. Use your mind in some creative way, dont use it to worry.

When I was 20, I dropped this question. I started to work, to exercise, to get involved in activities, to be active, to live. And I can tell you that purpose of life is feeling in your body, not abstract thought somewhere far in clouds. It is right here. It is in you. Not in some holy book. Purpose of life should be something practical, not something mysterious that you cannot achieve it. Lets say that you have a garden. Live for this garden. Water it with love, take care of plants and flowers, dedicate time and effort to it, discipline yourself to work consistently on that garden. And the same thing is with sports, work. Discipline, dedication and complete surrender to whatever you are doing.

Not knowing the purpose of life is connected with anxiety, deep alienation from the world around you. And when you are disconnected from your surroundings, you experience existential crisis, identity crisis. Childhood plays a big role in it. Even if you dont know anything about psychology, you have probably heard that childhood is very important. Patterns that you develop in childhood are very hard to change. Even if you do change them, the scar is going to remain in psyche forever. But now you can ask how is childhood connected with not knowing the purpose of life.??? I will give you an example. In my school, there was a friend that had very normal parents who run the home business in their own garage. They were producing furniture, wardrobes, beds, tables and so on. From very early age, this friend started to spend a lots of time in garage with his parents. He was connected with his family, with his environment and his whole family had a purpose. He was growing up having a channel for his energy and thoughts. He didnt feel rejected, neglected or alienated. In his mind there was no space for anxiety. Later when we were little older and we started to party, drink and waste our time in meaningless activities, he was working, studying, he had his own money, he had serious relationships, he had his own car, bike, and most importantly, he became independent in his craft. The rest of us, we didnt had any money, we didnt know how to do anything, we didnt had any skill and we were not ready for serious relationships. We grow up without purpose and we were feeling incapable. By not having a structure in life, we start to be anxious and then we ask ourselves this deep questions, what is purpose of life. Only people that are disconnected from their environment have trouble with finding a meaning. Look at the biggest philosophers, they all didnt had any important role in society. Knowing the purpose of life is not something intellectual. It is how well are you connected with yourself and with the world around you. When you are not connected with yourself and world around you, you experience anxiety and meaningless thoughts.

My childhood was not so bad. It was full of discipline. School, sports, church and I always had some hobbies in free time. But when I started to go in high school, I lost all the discipline. Just meaningless conversations, drinking, partying, not having a purpose. By the time I finish a high school, I had a big identity crisis. Anxiety, not knowing who I am, what is purpose of life, what I am going to do. And little by little, I started to bring discipline back to my life and I started to develop a connection with myself and world around me.

Now imagine children that grow up in apartment buildings, not having a garage or yard, their parents were depressed, they didnt had any toys or books in apartment. No mental stimulation, just depression. No purpose, just meaningless life. Those children are going to have big mental problems. Their whole life will be anxiety. They can either end up on streets, jails, or end up in room with computer hiding from the real world.

All these are just an examples. Human beings are just unpredictable. It doesnt mean that if someone had purpose and structure in childhood is going to remain the same. Just like the otherwise. But there is no doubt that this is a big factor for brain development.

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