Life without coffee

Coffee… Who doesnt know what I am talking about?

Coffee is always a great company. If you are alone, it makes you feel less lonely. Whether you are drinking it alone or with someone, coffee is connected with pleasure. Taste of coffee is not actually good. I dont know the person that tried coffee for the first time  and said how amazing the taste is.

It all started very innocently. I started to drink coffee because everybody are drinking it. In the beginning it was only occasionally. Here and there. And that went for couple of years. No need for coffee. Just innocently drinking it when occasion arrives. After some time, every day I started to have a one cup of coffee. Sometimes two, three, but one was my number. And then I had periods, sometime one coffee per day, sometimes two coffees per day, sometimes no coffee for couple of days and so on and on.

I dont like the feeling that I am addicted to something, but I was telling myself that coffee is healthy.

It all changed when I started to drink coffee with my grandparents. They drink very strong coffee. And very soon I got addicted to it. I started to make coffee for myself. Never before did I make coffee in my house to drink it only for myself. And I started to make a really strong coffee. The first thing that I did in morning is coffee. And then during the day, I was just looking for opportunities to drink coffee. I started to have a trouble with my sleep. I had very hard time to fall asleep. I was tired but I just couldnt fall asleep easily. And I was not clever enough to connect that with my coffee usage. I cant believe how stupid I was.

And then, one day, by some strange consequences, I didnt had time and opportunities for coffee. In the evening when I lay down in my bed, I fall asleep immediately. Next morning I realized that I actually had a very nice sleep. And immediately I connected it to the fact that I didnt drink coffee the day before. And from that moment everything was clear. No more coffee for me. I didnt had trouble to stick with my decision. Now is already more than five months since I stopped to drink coffee. (I drink coffee maybe once in a week) I didnt had any difficulties with it. Only one day in the beginning I had some headaches. And that is because when you consume caffeine, blood vessels in the brain constricts and there is less blood flow to the brain. When you stop your caffeine consumption, blood vessels dilate and there is more blood flowing to the brain and that is causing pressure in head. Very soon everything gets back to normal.

But why life without coffee?

Well, it is a freedom. Once when your body clears from coffee and gets back to normal, you will know. And plus, better sleep. When I stopped with coffee, no more sleepless nights. Well, here is also the fact that I limited my usage of technology, so when is time to sleep, I dont have any distractions and I am actually bored and I got nothing to do. Then sleep is best option. But thats another story.

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