Hippie mentality

One of the biggest problem that I see today in people, specially in young people is ‘hippie mentality’. This is not professional nor medical term. It is my personal term that I use to describe laziness, lethargy, passivity and lack of vigor and vitality. It is connected with hippie movement but many people who are not hippies, have this what I call, ‘hippie mentality’. I am not against to live like a hippie. I think it is good experience, it is adventure, it makes you independent, self-reliant and it for sure helps your development. But I am against not having any responsibilities, being lazy, being passive, not working, not creating, not producing, not putting effort into something and wasting your time and mental capacity.

Here are some examples of this ‘hippie mentality’ in modern times:

„I dont want to study, I dont want to work. It is useless, it is slavery. We are becoming slaves and machines. I want freedom, love, pleasure, enjoyment. I am interested in spiritual things, not this material world. I smoke weed, I laugh with my friends. Here and there I sell some weed. Police is not fair. World would be much better if we all smoke weed. I dont have any future, but that is not important because I live for now. Present moment is only what matters, and my happiness. And I cannot be happy if I have a job or obligations. We shouldnt suffer. We should all chill, relax and enjoy. I play video games, I watch movies, I watch celebrities, I follow online trends. I am part of the new world, I am not like my parents. I dont have a girlfriend. At least not the serious one. I am poor but thats not my fault. We live in unfair world. We should all be rich and have money. But people are corrupted, greedy. They keep all the money for themselves. They are an assholes. They should distribute money equally to all people. I wish I could live on some island or somewhere far away where people are more relaxed, friendly and more spiritual. And I fantasize a lot about me being happy and living an adventure but unfortunately I cannot move away from the same park bench for years and with the same people and same conversations day in, day out. But one day it will all change.“

„I am fat. I dont study. I dont work. I dont go nowhere. I am close in my house. To be more precise, in my small room with my computer, playstation and my phone. Constantly I stare at the screens. I live with my parents. I think things should be different. So I have very hard time finding a job. When I do get a job, I am not satisfied because it shouldnt be that way. I fantasize a lot about being someone, about having a women, about being respected by others, but I am at my room whole day. No friends, no activities, no hobbies. I will do something one day. One day it will change. I am still not ready for this change, but one day I will change. One day I will be happy. Some miracles from heavens will happen to me. I deserve it. I am special. I am sure God is on my side. One day he will reward me for my specialness. I hate when my parents are mad at me for not having a job. They dont understand that I dont have to work because I am special and one day it will all change. They dont understand that. They put me in the same box just like everyone else. Why should I work? It takes a lots of time. I will not get a lots of money, it is frustrating, soul-sucking. I will just wait. Years are passing. But I am patient. One day I will start to exercise. I will exercise so hard and I will lose all the weight and I will build muscles. Everyone will like me. Everyone will recognize my talents. I shouldnt eat anything, I already ate too much today. But ok, this doesnt count, tomorrow I will start with diet or something. Tomorrow I will start building my new self. Life is unfair. It isnt supposed to be so hard. But I dont care about it because somewhere in stars it is written my happiness for me. Yes, I am an optimist. It doesnt matter for how long I am fat, unemployed, I do not stop dreaming about being a someone special. I really am special. One day they will all see. I am not depressed. I am never losing hope for better tomorrow. Everything will turn. Now I will go and play some video game.“ 

„Man, life is too short. We are not going to live forever. I dont care about work or study. I dont have a time for that. Nothing makes sense and life has no meaning. All what is important is to enjoy. Pleasure. I cannot understand why our history is full of violence, wars and aggressive people. We should just chill and enjoy. Man, I want to be somebody. I want money. I dont want to work for money. I will get rich by trading, Forex and crypto. Why should I work and be a slave? Why should I waste my time and energy?“

„College is a waste of time, work is waste of time. It is poisoning our souls. We are supposed to be free. I am not a loser. I am not dumb. I dont study but I read a lots of books. I am reading books about spirituality, philosophy. My mind is filled with higher thoughts. I appreciate knowledge. I am smarter than people that I know. I am on the process of becoming enlightened. I smoke weed and I like anything psychoactive because it is helping people to reach enlightenment. I dont work, I dont have money, I dont have a girlfriend, I dont have any skills but my head is filled with useless informations and I am very proud with knowing all this informations. I am self-educated person. I dont like obligations. I dream about better world. No people in power. Freedom. Civilization focused more on spiritual things instead of material.“

„I study. But I am wasting my time here. I study just enough to pass by. I am such mediocre person, but of course, I am not aware of it, otherwise I wouldnt be mediocre. My parents are paying me college. I am not very interested in it but I have to go because I am too dumb to form my own opinions, build my own value-system and make my own decisions. I am just passing by. I never ask myself where am I going. I just flow. I just go how the river goes.“

As you can see, these are example of ‘hippie mentality’. ‘Hippie mentality’ is a description for the mindset that avoids obligations, discipline and hardships. Very often these people have some kind of philosophy behind it. They believe in freedom, peace, relaxation and spiritual things, as they would call it. They think that discipline, effort, fighting for something, overcoming challenges is not point of the life and that we should just enjoy and live from love and air. They are not in touch with reality. They are running away from it. In their heads they have idealistic picture about how the world should look like and how people are supposed to behave and what people should value. It is called utopia. But they dont see it that way. Deep down they feel guilty about material world. Constantly they want something else. Not reality, not now, but always something which is not true. Obligations, work, discipline, creativity, these things fulfill us. They make us complete. When we are having a purpose, when we do something, we are at peace with ourselves. When we dont do anything and we are running away from responsibilities, we always feel that we are lacking something. That vanity that we feel when we dont want to do anything. That vanity is present in the minds of young people. Nothing makes sense to them. Everything is useless. Everything is a waste of time for them. These people dont understand primal instincts in ourselves that are pushing us to survive. Before people had to fight to survive, they had to kill to survive, they had to hunt to eat, they had to walk for miles to come somewhere. Danger was on every step. People started going in wars, they started creating systems that will help us organize ourselves. They started making rules, boundaries so that people can live more safely. Civilization started to develop. Human history is full of blood, sweat and tears. And today we are born having pretty much everything. We dont understand this surviving. We dont understand this dance of life and death. So we are creating utopias in our minds. Unrealistic expectations. Instead of to be in touch with reality and accepting it for what it is and do something to change things we dont like, we give up and we hide in our lalaland. „External world is too brutal, lets hide. We should all chill and relax.“

„Rich people should distribute their money to poor people.“ And that is so wrong. You see, no ones becomes rich that easily. Of course, some people do. But most of the rich people dedicated their lives to something, to their craft. They had an idea, work ethic, they changed something, they did something, they make world to go around. They created something, produced something. So who is greedy here? Him that earn his money by making something valuable or you that want other person’s money? Who is greedy here? I am not saying that there are no greedy corrupted rich people, but problem is our ‘hippie mentality.’ We are afraid of the competition. And yes I know what you will say, it is not all about money. Then why do you want other people to give you money?

The point is not that we should accept everything blindly. Our systems are full of flaws. There are greedy corrupted assholes, I know. And college is not always a solution, I do understand that, and yes, we are slaves working for someone else, it is perfectly clear to me. But what I hate is this hippie mentality: ‘Life is not fair and somebody owns me something!’ Playing a victim is what I dont like. Escaping responsibility for your own self, lying to yourself, fooling yourself. Where is your dignity? Life is not fair and it can be brutal. Good fucking morning! Welcome to the Earth my friend. You have been sleeping for a lots of time since you didnt figure out that earlier. You have to fight for your own happiness. Just like our ancestors had to do that. But we are very soft and afraid to fight and to get scars. So we hide. We give ourselves excuses that we are spiritual beings that are here to experience peace, love and joy. We avoid anything negative. But you forgot something. Without dignity, without integrity, without standing-up for yourself, without fighting for your own interest, without getting your hands dirty, you cannot have peace, love and joy. We forgot that we are warriors.

I hope I was able to explain very well this ‘hippie mentality.’ Once again, it is not against hippies, it is against people that are not taking responsibility for themselves and all the excuses and explanations that they give themselves and people around them. It is for people that dont live with their two feet on the ground but rather they exist in some unrealistic abstract world. One word, utopia.

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