Diet, health and mainstream

Man, you got to change your life. Eat right, exercise, read books, meditate, write down your goals… You have to be kind to people, you have to listen to them… You have to be assertive and you should only listen to yourself… Write down everything that is troubling you. Find a way to read more books this year… And I can go on and on.

What all these words even mean? People are using them and throwing them around so much, that they have no meaning any more.

Everybody are like, inspiration, motivation, eating healthy, reading books… And you know. All the other well-know advices.

It has become mainstream. Everybody are talking about it. That is not going to change your life. You have to go deeper than that. You have to ask big questions. More important questions. You know, I tried to have and develop all this habits and rituals, but they made me empty. Those habits and rituals made me depressed. And you can ask yourself, but how so? Because I was lacking meaning and purpose of my life.

These mainstream books will tell you that in order to be happy, you have to read more mainstream books, you have to do intermittent fasting, you have to go in gym, do yoga class, sleep for 8 hours and drink a plenty of water. If you do all that, and if you write down all that on paper, you will be happy. No man, they are wrong, it is all bullshit. In order to be happy and fulfilled, you have to become a police officer, a doctor, an architect, fireman, you have to compete in sports… You get my idea. Your life purpose has to be a complex of challenges on regular basis. This personal development is very selfish and narcissistic in a way. It is not transcending experience. It only deepens your egoism.

Am I saying that you shouldnt read books? No. I am saying that you shouldnt read mainstream books. But which books are mainstream books? I dont know. I just know when I see them. Personal growth. Express gratitude, that will help your personal growth. No man. Become a doctor, lawyer, police officer, then you will see what is real personal growth. Work on farm, repair cars, build houses, do kayaking, cut trees, work as a chef, become a theater actor and you will see what is personal growth. You will have so much confidence. Real confidence. No longer will you have this idea that something is wrong with you. And this is why I said that personal development is narcissistic. You dont have purpose in life and so you feel weird about yourself. Then you read all this books… I mean, it is only about you. „Energy vampires are sucking your energy out“. You poison your mind with these meaningless quotes.

Then go on diet, eat healthy, do intermittent fasting, drink green tea, take this supplements. Am I saying that you should not care about what you eat? No, I am just saying that you need a life purpose.

Reading books, eating healthy, exercising, writing things down, all these habits are golden, no doubt about that, but there is much more than that. There is something so deep in yourself, some calling, yearning, a need for adventure, for purpose. Dont spend so much time trying to fix yourself. You have only one problem. Boredom. You are bored to death. And then you decide to write a journal. I mean, writing is boring. Go out. Do something different. (P.S. I love writing)

All this personal development, managing ourselves is making us more and more artificial. We have an era of improvement. But it is only on surface. We are so shallow. We are so lost. We are afraid to look what is under bed. We forgot what is a strong tough character. We see soft men with smile talking about how to achieve your goals. No men. It is not real. It is all pretense, a fake world. „But you have to work on yourself.“ No. You have to work. Period. Not on yourself, but on something meaningful. Are you important and should you take care of yourself? Of course, take care of yourself and you are important, absolutely, but dont spend whole time thinking about yourself. Get out of that. Do something. Action. Deeds. Pursue something.

Modern times are trying to sell us this vision that we all are important and that we should chase happiness and comfort. Purpose of life is to be happy and to think positively.

Am I saying that we shouldnt think positive and that we should think negatively? No, but it is so ugly when these mainstream personas says that you have to think positive. And they say it with big smiles. And they usually have very clean artificial white teeth. They are smiling like they discovered and unlocked all the secrets of Universe… But I see who they are. They are not real men. I wouldnt call them when things get tough. I wouldnt count on them when bad times come. They are just butterflies. Ups. Wrong. Butterflies are natural and beautiful. These people are just fake and artificial.

Am I being negative right now? Am I full of resentfulness right now? No. I am just entertaining myself. I am sitting here like a bitch and I want to cause reactions in people… Because it is fun.

No, but seriously. We have to be analytical and we have to figure out, what exactly is cause of something. Only then can we fight that thing. But why I am using such hursh words to describe something. Because it sounds more powerful. If I would be writing in language of personal development style, my words would be very weak. Then you see a nerd that is talking about personal development and talking how you need to achieve your goals and dreams, and then he says: „Fuck haters!!!“ …and he is trying to sound like badass, but pal, we all see that you are not dangerous haha. We all see that you are innocent and soft. You cant do harm to anybody. Make something of your life and yourself, dont just go around without purpose trying to improve yourself.

You are a product. They sold you this vision. And you bought it. Personal development is modern time philosophy. It is not authentic for human beings. It is a product of perverse mind. It is all marketing.

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