Nokia/Microsoft Lumia smartphone

In general, I am not big fan of smartphones. I had it because it was kinda forced on me. For the last three years I had Microsoft Lumia…I dont know which model. You see, I couldnt care less about it. Lumia (Nokia/Microsoft) is by far probably one of the worst smartphones out there in the market. I am not sure if they are even producing it anymore. It is not android, it has Windows on it. That being said, most apps and games that you can use on your android phone, you cannot use on your Windows phone. Sure, there are a lots of copies of these apps in store but they are never good as original ones. So you are kinda behind when you have a Windows phone. But good thing about it is that I dont care. I have never follow trends so much and I never had a desire to constantly chase new gadgets when they come out. It is a waste of time and money, and plus, it is other people idea that you should have newest smartphone. Million of dollars are invested in marketing to sell you this idea that every person should have a smartphone. And I am not here to tell you that you shouldnt have a smartphone and that whole humanity should go back to dumb phones. I am not saying that. I am simply telling that me personally, I dont care about new gadgets. But lets go back on my Microsoft Lumia. For me, it was a best smartphone possible. I had all basic options. Although Windows phone lacks so much apps, games and possibilities…(and is ugly. Windows phones are ugly, let be honest. There is nothing sexy about it.) … Widnows phone does have everything that you need. I was able to go on Internet, send pictures, check my mail…and that is pretty much all that I needed. I didnt look for something fancy. But best thing about Lumia is that I had it three years and not even once did got broken, stopped working or some error occurred. I know a lots of people with much more better and more expansive phones than Lumia, and they did had a lots of problems with them. Another thing, screen. My phone felt down on ground hundreds of times in those three years, my screen is whole. And I never had any protection for it. And like 60, 70% of people that I know with better phones, they all have some kind of scratch on their screen. For me, it is humiliating. These big companies are making so expansive phones with such a breakable glass and that is with purpose, I am sure. They are humiliating us. They are not making qualitative phones that will endure little hits. They are making shit phones that can break soon as they touch something harder. I mean, lets be logical. Phone is something that you carry around wherever you go. You are holding it all the time in your hands or in your pocket. What is the chance that this small box will never fall on ground? Zero. Zero chance. If you are carrying your phone wherever you go, it has to fall down on ground now and then. And these big companies know this. And so why are they making phones with such a weak glass? It is shame and it is disgusting. This is why I love my Microsoft Lumia. It can fall on floor and I know that nothing will happen (maybe there will be a hole in the floor), but even if it happens, phone is so cheap that I can go and buy another one. That is the best thing. I mean honestly, Windows phone in comparison to some of these big companies, is zero… In comparison to them. New phones and androids are space shuttles for Lumia phone. Microsoft Lumia is not space shuttle, it is a tank. Unbreakable. And if you are someone who is not impressed with all cool and fancy options and you want something practical, this is the phone for you. And if you want something fancy, no problem, go look somewhere else.

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