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Knowledge is power. Education is power. We all have probably heard this. Especially if you are reading this. Whoever reads blogs or is writing, is educated person. But what does mean to be educated? Does it means that you need to graduate college? No. I didnt finish my college and I do consider myself educated. And I am constantly educating myself. And the more I am educating myself, the more I know, the more I am becoming powerful. So, yes, education is power. I experienced it. I know what I am talking about. Listen, I am from Croatia, from one small place. Most people my age dont know English, they dont know how to write, they dont know how to express themselves, they dont know how to form opinion, they dont understand how world is functioning. And the less you understand something, the more blindly you believe it. And a lots of these people are finishing colleges, believe it or not. I can tell you one thing for sure, and I know this deep down in my heart… I am not going to say this because I am rebellious or I want attention. I am going to say this because this is my life experience. I learned a lot more outside of school than I did in school. Period. School knowledge didnt made me powerful, didnt helped me to think or to understand the world, or human nature or anything complex. In my eyes, my teachers were uneducated people. Yes sure, they had diploma, but thats not enough.

Now, lets make one thing clear. I am not saying that you should quit college. But you should have your opinion about it. Think with your head. Make your own opinion and decision. Dont think that someone has an answer. Figure out for yourself is it worth it or not.

For me, learning and education are connecting dots, making sense of the world. In my mind, I am constantly developing systems and I am constantly figuring out how does certain things work. I dont like just to accept the answer. I want to investigate, think about it, understand it and come to conclusion. And when I do understand something, like gradually I developed this understanding by questioning, analyzing and thinking, then that gives me power. Now you cant argue me because I know for sure. And I saw it from all angles, I thought about all possibilities and I know what I am talking about. It is power. Just like car mechanics and doctors… They know what they are talking about. They seen it already. They think it already. Their words carry a power. They are expressing the issue. They are steps ahead of you. And in that moment you feel their power.

Knowledge is not all about power. It can help you live better, it can help you to create the life that you want, it can help you to make better decisions, it can help you to choose better partner for yourself. The more you know, or should I say, the more you understand something, the more easier you move through life.

On the other hand, there is also a belief that people who know more are more frustrated. They are indecisive, they worry more… Is that true? Is it better to know less so you can feel less burdened? Well, been there. I experienced it. I had a lot of knowledge and it was making me miserable. I still do know many people that are at this stage. They know so much, but they are so unsatisfied with their life. Real education should also be practical education. Well does that means that history, physics, chemistry and biology are a waste of time? No I dont think so. See, I am a big lover of abstract subjects. I love theory. I love reading books. But I am also a practical person, I have a vision for my life and I am action taker. And everything that I read, fiction or non-fiction, it helps me to understand world better, to understand life better, to understand people better, to understand myself better. But education is not all about books either. Whatever I experience, I analyze it. For example, I am having a conversation with someone. Later, I am analyzing this conversation in my head. I am thinking about what did that person said exactly. Where they insecure? I try to remember their body language, their hand gesture, their facial expressions. I try to understand who they are, their motives, their level of self-awareness, their desires, their backgrounds, their situations. And I am beginning to see patterns. And then I see this patterns in other people. I already know what that it is. Some of the patterns I see in myself. So it helps me to know myself better. I am educating myself by every little thing that I experienced in life. The same thing is with my goals. If I want to do something, I am analyzing it, digging deep, finding solutions, see what are my options, see what I need to change in my behavior… I go through every little thing.

I know how to think. And I am always developing it. It doesnt matter if you are in real estates, if you are dating someone or you are repairing car. You need to understand what is going on. You need to have insight. You need to understand how things works. You have to think. You may come to conclusion that you dont know enough. Good, now start to look for ways how to change that. Ask yourself, do you really want to change it? Can you find someone else to do it for you? Think.

That is the real education. And unfortunately, schools are not teaching you how to think. But see, I dont want to make this to be a cliche. Everybody are talking about educational system these days. But lets try to understand it. Lets dig deeper. Long time ago, there were no educational systems and no schools. How did they even come to an existence? My insight is that there were people that were good thinkers. It doesnt matter was it in science, medicine, philosophy, religion, politics, constructions, architecture… These people come to some very profound insights and those insights moved whole civilization, or whole community forward. Such people have always been free from hard physically laboring jobs. They had everything. They were gems in those civilizations. They had special treatment. This is why even today parents are telling us to study so that we can have easier life. But too bad that they dont understand what does that means. For them is only to get diploma. But lets go back to old ancient age. Smarter the people, the more civilization is progressing. So people started to come to an idea that they need to educate their children so that they can as well progress this civilization/community. They understood that knowledge is power. But they didnt understood how to come to these power. So they started educating children and they started passing their knowledge on them. All that is ok, but they didnt teach their children how to think. They gave them the fish but they didnt teach them how to catch a fish. They didnt teach them how to think, investigate and innovate. And basically, thats the school system today. I am learning about Nikola Tesla and his innovations. And I have to know in which year did he make this and in which year did he make that… But show me his thought patterns. Show me how Nikola Tesla was thinking. Teach me how to think like Nikola Tesla so that I can also make some innovations.

As I said, I quit college. And it hurts me so much when people put me in box. Like very close people to me. They are explaining me how knowledge is power and how you have to study and that people with colleges are smarter people and how I made a big mistake because I quit it… And how now I am going to work hard my whole life because I was too lazy to study and so on… And I am like, man, you dont understand anything. You are just repeating things that everybody are repeating and you are proud of that. I feel it. You feel proud to tell me that I ruined my life. Good thing is that I am aware that they are mediocre minds. And plus on top of all that, no one of them is successful.

I dont argue with this people. It is useless. I am not going to waste my time.

And once again, I am not saying that we all should drop out of colleges. Definitely not. College is good thing. Absolutely. But only problem is when you are surrounded by mediocre minds. Aaahh that hurts. And I dont want to make myself superior or something. I am mediocre in many ways. And we all are mediocre in some areas. But… I hope you understand what I am saying. It caused me a lots of pain to fight these conventional rules in my life…But it also helped me to be sure in my beliefs. Deep down I know who I am, I know what I am capable of and that is only thing that matters to me.    

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