Why should you study a history

It is crazy in what kind of world do we live. Believing that history is not important. When I was going in school, we all were saying why should we study history.? It is a past. There is no use of it. And I as well, I have never been concerned with history so much… Until I started reading books about history.

At home I have a collection of books about old civilizations and empires. (Egypt, Greece, Rome, Maye, Vikings, China, Celts, Native Americans, India and Tibet) By reading these books, my understanding of world has increased tremendously. I got some pretty deep insights and I am about to share them. Not in details or anything specific, but only in general.

Although many people of past have been very weird, I came to conclusion that today, we people are the same. Human beings didnt change very much. I had an idea that before people were hard workers, hard laborers with no place for laziness. I have been wrong. People have always been lazy. Another thing that I realized that big part of humanity are just mediocre minds that all they want is full stomach, entertainment and sex. That has always been and that will always be. Our modern cities are not so modern as we think so. In old Rome, cities were exactly the same like today. People have been living in small apartments in buildings. They were running from villages to cities because of better opportunities. Just like today. It is the same. Old Rome is in a lots of ways a foundation for modern civilization. Egypt and Greece are very different from Rome. They were very weird. But Rome looks a lot like today modern civilizations. But however, Rome steal Greece gods. They just gave them different names. And names of God are names of planets as well. Which shows that Greece and Rome were very into in astrology and reading stars. A lots of which we do even today. But it is funny to me that Rome took Greece gods. It is like, hey, we are gonna borrow your gods. But by reading about these old civilizations, I also understood better a role of Jesus in all of this. Egypt and Greece were very spiritual (whatever that means), but Rome was very materialistic. For them, their spirituality was just doing it for the sake of doing it. Of course, many people did have great spiritual yearnings, and even then, some cults were formed. Cults that are similar to modern cults. And also weird. So we have Rome that is merely materialistic, but not just Rome, many civilizations were materialistic at that time. And here comes Jesus. A person that is teaching us to that it is not all in flesh. Man doesnt live of bread only. Man needs something bigger. And people thought that he was crazy. Just like how we today think the same for anyone who is outside of mediocre norms. But if you look at world today, we are also very materialistic civilization. Now relax, I am not saying that we will get new Jesus to show us a way…who knows, maybe we will, but I am saying that we should definitely question our lifestyles a little bit. Another interesting thing that I learned is that Christmas is older than Christianity. People in Rome where celebrating Saturnalia. Those few days were at the end of December and that period was very peaceful period. People were celebrating and giving gifts to their friends and neighbors. It was such a lovely and friendly experience that even young christian believers took that ritual. And interestingly enough, it was called Saturnalia and it was at the end of December. And if you look at modern astrology, which is also not so modern, at the end of December starts a Capricorn phase, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. So everything is done with some sense. Nothing is by accident.

Studying history and seeing how civilizations and people were developing over the time, you realize that you are a part of something. So many people before you and so many people will come after you. It is fascinating. It makes you understand better our place in today’s world. You start to see that we are a by product of many generations. And what is even more fascinating, we are first generation with Internet. Internet is like new era. Internet is like a new Jesus Christ. We will look at our world before and after Internet. Today we have an access to information, we have a choices, we are no longer manipulated by individuals. Of course, some people still are, but that because they dont understand a bigger picture. And studying a history is a very big picture. Shallow minds cannot understand it. And by studying history, you realize that majority of people always had shallow minds. Individuals were rare. Thats why they are individuals. If it is other way around, mediocre people would be individuals. It has always been like this. Few people understood what is going on and everybody else were a followers. Thats even a today. But in age of information and freedom, for the first time we have an opportunity to rise above poverty and misery. We have an opportunity to build new world. And I am sure that we will do it.  I am kid that didnt grow up watching news and reading newspapers. I am a kid of Internet. I cannot be manipulated by some old traditional rules. I have bigger access to possibilities. I have a world in my palm. And when you start to see a benefits of living in this time and age, you can see that we are blessed. We are pioneers. Of course, future generations will have even more adventurous and complex life, but we are born at the transition. We are a mix of old and new. Future generations will be just new. And when you understand your place in history, I mean, it is just positively overwhelming.

Another thing that I realized by reading history is that there were always characters that were breaking tradition. These stories, myths and legends, if you read them, the hero in those stories is always going from home, he is going somewhere else, he has a vision, a calling, he is tired by his environment, nothing challenges him anymore and he needs to make a necessary change. And I am glad to realize this because my father and grandfather have very traditional outlooks on life. Their purpose is just to fulfill traditional expectations. You are born here, we live by this rules here… and no change, no innovations, nothing. Dont get me wrong, I love my tradition. I spent many many many many days with my grandparents in the village, learning about my tradition, seeing where my roots are coming from, and I love it. I love my grandparents, my parents, my village, my tradition, but I need something more. My life is lacking something. There is an emptiness, a hole. I need to swim in this endless ocean of life and explore new ways and paths. People have always been doing that. Moving, looking for better things, looking for new things, new experiences. Cultures were enriching each other with their innovations, ideas, religions, recipes… History is full of that. And that is something which my parents and some of my friends cannot understand. For them it is weird. To be different than your mommy and daddy is weird. There is no originality going on. And I felt guilty about this entire time. Why do I always want something which is far away? Why am I never satisfied with things that are in front of me? Why do I always want something different? Problem is in me. I was blaming myself. I was feeling guilty for not satisfying expectations of my tradition and my parents. But I finally realized, people have been doing this since ever. Look at biggest revolutionaries, visionaries, heroes, leaders, entrepreneurs, people that start something, artists… They all were exploring unknown territories. So it is not a whim as my mother would always tell me that I am experiencing, it is a personality type. Since the beginning of time, people were very conservative and liberate. It has always been and it will always be. And there is even third category, in the middle. And I would put myself here. As much as I am interested in new paths and ways, I do have some very conservative values. I think men should be men and women should be women. (I hope I dont have to explain you this) I am against gay marriages, transgender philosophy, artificial equality, softness, promiscuity…and so on. I am against all these. Not that I will forbid it to someone but deep down I just dont feel this things are right. I am for hard work, for being tough, for having faith, for being suspicious with people, for being a little bit cold-blooded and for not being manipulated by any norms that are outside of my principles. So I am conservative in a lots of ways, but I also understand that I have to open, mix, walk on new territory, or otherwise I am going to remain stupid, miserable and poor.

I mean, human life is so complex and I love this complexities so much. I am always diving deeper and deeper in this complexities. And if you are like me. If you love to always expand and deepen your understanding of world around you, studying history would be very rewarding for you. If you are not interested in that, thats fine as well. Not everybody are the same. You are different type of personality. Thats the beauty of everything.

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