Do clothes make a man

Do clothes make a man? Well, no. But it says a lot about him. Lets explore different examples of how clothes and way of dressing is effecting people and what they are trying to achieve with their way of dressing.

First let me tell you about my way of dressing. I dont like fancy clothes. I like something old-fashioned, traditional and simple. My favorite colors are black, white and gray. I dont love lively colors. And my mother is always telling me that I need to wear some lighter colors and she is constantly complaining, why am I always buying dark t-shirts. And my answer is always because I feel dark. Black represents who I am better than light-green. Generally I am not concerned a lot with clothes. I love to be dressed simple. But it is not everything in clothes. It is also important how you dress. Is your clothes clean? Of course, I love to wear clean clothes and I love to be dressed nice, but I dont like perfection. I love to leave some imperfections in my style, in my hairstyle. I dont want people to perceive me that I am trying to hard. Sometimes I even love to have a small dirty spot on my clothes. Key word is, sometimes. It looks spontaneous. If you have it all the time, people will start to question your hygiene.

So I am not big about clothes, and I do believe that human character is more important than clothes, but the way you dress definitely tells a lot about your character.

In my high-school, a lots of my colleagues were kids from rich families. They all were wearing fancy and expansive clothes. Even back then I didnt like their way of dressing. Something about it was not resonating with me. And now when I look back, I am more aware of what it is. They had a clothes but they didnt had a character. Their appearance was shallow. And that shows a lot that clothes do not make a man. You cant buy a charisma.

Then I knew one person that was very weird. And if you meet him, first impression that you will get is that he is weird. He has long hair, he is dressed like a loser, cheap clothes, dirty clothes and he has zero social intelligence. He is just standing out from the crowd. In a bad way. To make it clear. Interestingly enough, he was into Bible and religion. That also shows a lot about poor people and religion. It is like they dont have access to a lots of cool things, so they develop very strong religious beliefs. Dont get me wrong that I am trying to offend someone. I am a man of faith. But it just seems to me that poor and less intelligent people are more attracted to old traditional views of religion, faith and God. But to not make this religious debate, lets go back to our topic, and thats clothes and way people are dressing. This person has a very bad way of dressing. That also suggest that he has a very bad hygiene. I talked with him. He is interesting man. He is not stupid. But he just has a zero social intelligence. Inside he has very kind heart. But with his way of dressing, he will never have friends, girlfriend, normal job and people will always think that he is crazy and that he is someone that is best to avoid. But I know that if this person changes his clothes, if he starts to wear clean clothes, if he works on his hygiene, if he gets himself in order and if he works little bit on his social intelligence, he would have much better life. A new doors of possibilities would open up for him. So here we have an example how way of dressing can alienate you from society. And yes, clothes says a lot about you. Not necessarily brand that you are wearing (of course that it is as well), but the way you are taking care of your cleanliness.

Business world. Ahh, business world. Those bastards are definitely going to judge you by clothes. I heard a story about a young guy trying to become an entrepreneur… And he was trying to reach some important people and present them his idea, and one business man told him: „Look at you. You cannot wear such a cheap suit. It is not good for your image in business world. I am sorry to tell you, but people will judge you by clothes you wear. You are calling yourself entrepreneur and then you wear such cheap suit. It doesnt go together.“ So here we have an example where clothes really do have a big impact on people. Of course, there are a lots of people in business world that dont care so much about suit you wear. It is not so important. In fact, they maybe prefer the fact that you are not motivated by shinny clothes. And some people, like me for example, dont know the difference between expansive and cheap suit. But luckily I am not in business world. However, if guy comes dressed like loser, that definitely would affect my view of him. In a negative way of course.

But this is not connected only to business world. Imagine if politicians, bankers, priests, financial advisors, real-estate agents dont dress professionally? Would you take them seriously? Imagine you come in bank and worker there is hippie with dreads, mustaches, t-shirt with two or three holes and short pants with some broken sandals on his feet, and his feet are dirty. Would you trust this person? Of course not. They have to dress professionally but also act and speak professionally. Imagine if that hippie in bank welcomes you with: „Whats up my brother from another mother?“ So in order to be taken seriously, you have to dress and act professionally.

Clothes, poverty and extreme wealth. You know what I am talking about. I am talking about poor people that spent their childhood hungry and miserable and then became extreme wealthy. This the case with a lots of black people, being extremely poor and then becoming famous boxers or rappers. All of sudden, they are extremely wealthy. And how do they dress? Overly-glamorous. Luxury. Chains, gold, they are putting on themselves as much pieces of clothes as they can. They are showing you, look at me, I am wealthy. This people may actually think that clothes do represent man. To be honest, for me it is so sad to dress with such a luxury and thinking how by dressing like this, your value will increase. In fact, their clothes and way of dressing actually reveals a lot about them. It reveals that they are still poor, miserable hungry kids who didnt have nothing, and now when they do have, they have this extreme need to show everybody that they have. But it is not only clothes. Look at their cars, music videos, strip clubs, drinking champagne, gambling, wearing sunglasses in nightclub, having gold teeth… I mean, I can go on and on. And their vocabulary? I will not even comment it.

Clothes are also a symbol of status in a way. It also plays a role in attraction. And that is more common with women than men. If they see a man with expansive clothes, and they know immediately how much his clothes costs, they become attracted to him. Interestingly enough, many women feel more attractive if they are wearing something expansive. Like for example, an expansive dress. They feel more worthy and confident, and confidence for sure plays a big role in attraction. Here again we have an example how clothes does tells us a lot about people. I mean, I am not innocent of it. It is not something wrong. I also feel better if I am dressed better. It is fine. It doesnt mean that we are shallow if we like to dress better and if it makes us feel better. But as I said, I am very simple when it comes to my clothes and I dont think much about it.

One thing that we all love is comfortable clothes. I dont like walk around or sit and feeling tight. Feeling like clothes are limiting me, imprisoning me. And I see a lot of guys wearing slim jeans these days. Not very masculine thing. I cannot understand it. Dont you wanna feel comfortable? How can you be comfortable in those jeans? What if you have to jump over something? Clothes should be comfortable. That is its purpose. And wearing something tight is perverse. There is no greater pleasure than to be home and wear something comfortable. Or to be at any place where you can come wearing something comfortable. Now again, in business world maybe you cannot do it. Maybe you have to be a little tight. Problem is because of marketing that clothes companies are making. They are selling you this idea that wearing tight things makes you more desirable, sexy, attractive, better looking and etc. I am not saying that you should wear baggy shirts and baggy jeans. You should wear something that fits you, something that makes you feel comfortable. Well, however, I do have to say that women do look more attractive if they wear something tight. But why men are doing it? We all know bodybuilders that are wearing tight t-shirts and tight jeans. They look stupid and they look gay. They look feminized. They are not badass, they are completely opposite of that.

Then we have people that have minimalist approach when it comes to clothes. They dont want to overwhelm themselves with what they are going to wear today and each day, so they have all the same shirts and t-shirts. Same model, same color but numerous shirts. Problem is if people start to think that you have only one shirt and that you are wearing it everyday. You literally have to tell them, look, this is not the same shirt that I wear yesterday, day before that, and day before that. I am minimalist and I dont want to be burdened with dressing, so I have all the same shirts so I dont have to think what I am going to wear. I think this is cool. I like this idea. I dont see myself doing it, but however, I do keep my dressing very simple. I dont have a problem of worrying what I am gone dress today and each day.

Then we have people like Albert Einstein. A genius but dresses very poorly with bad hygiene. You can say that Albert Einstein is perfect example that clothes doesnt make a man. And as I said, it is true, it doesnt make a man, but it tells a lot about that man. And what Albert Einstein way of dressing told us about him? That he had a very bad hygiene, that he didnt like to take care of himself, that he lacked social intelligence… I am not saying this to put him down, world needs more Albert Einteins, but I am mentioning him just as an example how clothes do say a lot about you. And generally speaking, intelligent people like to dress more simple and they dont care so much about their looks. Generally speaking, it is not a rule.

You also have to know purpose of your clothes and what are you trying to achieve. You need to have awareness about occasion or place where you are going. You cant go in church dressed like you are going on soccer game. We had one friend that was totally lacking this awareness. Ok, not totally, but in some way. For example, we would go in bar or somewhere to watch a game or something. It was local bar. Everybody were dressed very comfortable, very casual clothes, and everybody were drinking, smoking, yelling… You know the atmosphere in the bars. And this friend would come wearing a suit or something which you would wear on a little more special occasions. And he was not a business man or something. He was just a normal local mortal like the rest of us. And then you stand out from the crowd in a bad way. And people will laugh at you. We were laughing at him. Not in mean way, he was our friend, we all know him so we were only joking with him. But if you come somewhere where you dont know locals and you are dressed inappropriately, you can get in trouble or you can become a victim of people laughing at you.

You can also get rejected by clothes you wear. Either you are dressed inappropriate or you dont have enough expansive clothes and you are not cool and your elite friends dont want to hang out with you.

Next case that we have are metrosexuals. People that are chasing artificial good-look. There is a lot of fake and artificial things about this people. They are dressing gay and feminized. This is another one of these generally speaking things. I do believe that clothes and dressing and style are a form of art. For sure it takes some sense, feeling, intuition to know how to dress and appear. And maybe some of these people really are true artists. But generally speaking, most people that care too much about how they look are very shallow people. Narcissistic, shallow, without a depth, lacking character. Which also makes a sense if we said that intelligent people like to dress simply and they dont care much about it. So many times I see girls being with guys that wear tight jeans, look fancy, look artificial and I am thinking, what are you doing with him, he is so shallow. I can see in his eyes, in way he speaks and moves, he is shallow. But that also says a lot about this girls as well. However, all these people dont posses real beauty, they are just artificial. And it is strange that some people love artificial things so much.

And in the end, we have a strippers. People that really dont care about clothes. They are wearing it only so that they can take it down in front of you and that you can see their naked bodies. They need clothes only to take it down. Clothes for sure dont define strippers.

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