As a young kid, I was very skinny. You could count my ribs. I never had a problem with weight. Just with a lack of it. As I got little older I become kind of like ‘normal’. I was able to take of my shirt and you wouldnt be able to count my ribs.

So I was eating a lot because I didnt want to be skinny guy. And every time I would skip meal or eat just a little, I would feel much more better. Every time when I would skip my breakfast, I would feel energetic. I started to notice that if I eat less, I have more energy. I feel more easy, more alive.

Then I started to search that on Internet, and I found about intermittent fasting. I was reading all the science behind it and all the positive results people were having, and it made sense to. I decide to do it regularly. I did it for more than one year, 16/8. I had maybe only like 15, 20 days in that period that I didnt do it. And that period was really amazing. I felt better, more energetic, easier, I was not tired, I had energy for everything. I could go on and on. I would lay down in my bed and I couldnt sleep because I want to move. I want some movement, some action. Then I come to realization, I can fast from other things as well. Fasting doesnt have to be necessary about the food. I can fast from Internet, from technology, from music, from reading… For anything that I feel that I am maybe little bit of balance. Then I stopped eating sugar, or I eliminated processed sugar as much as possible. Here and there I would do 24 hours fast. Usually, I was doing 16 hours as minimum. Sometimes 17, 18. However, It was beautiful period. I was used to feeling good. Feeling good and energetic was my norm.

Then I had a year where I didnt pay so much attention to it. I was like, ok it has been 15 hours, I can break my fast. It is 14 hours, guess I am ok, I dont have to strive for perfection. And little by little I was less disciplined about it. Plus I had a job where I was working nightshifts as well, so it was very hard to have consistent eating habits. Little by little I lost the feeling, feeling good. And I was connecting that with circumstance of my life. I was blaming my circumstances, my environment. I didnt have desire to fast regularly because I was thinking that wouldnt change anything. I would fast here and there, but there is difference when you do it here and there and when you are doing it regularly almost every day. Even if I was exercising, that was not that kind of energy. I didnt feel so easy, so light on my feet. At one point I was even bulking and I came to 80 kilograms. And as I said, spending most of my life being skinny, coming to 80 kilograms was a huge event in my life. And since I was exercising regularly, there was a lot of muscle mass. I started to like my new body.

However, I believe that food is full of toxins and bad stuff. I think there is no food in this world that doesnt posses some toxins for human body. And that means that you have to fast to get rid of those toxins. Problem was that I didnt want to fast because I didnt want to lose my weight. In fact, I was thinking to start eating even more and to come to 90 kilograms. But eventually I had to stop because it was too much for me. Yeah I am sure that my body would get used to it, but however, I felt that it was to much. So again I started fasting because I was believing that my body needs some rest from all that food. I was very sad because I knew that I am going to lose my kilograms, but I still did it. And I was fasting regularly for few days. But not just intermittent fasting, 16/8, but I was doing 24 hours fast, then I would eat only one meal, an then again, 22, 23 hours, 20, 19, 24 hours, it all depends. And I felt amazing. I could run, jump, I was feeling so light, I was bursting out of joy and energy, my mind was clear, I could focus better, I had clear perspective about my life. Fasting did bring me breakthrough like many people claim to be true. Feeling good again became my norm. I had more discipline over my mind and my habits. Better sense of self, more confidence, more desire to do something, more desire to move, to be active.

Point of fast is food. You dont live from fasting, you live from food. That is something that I have to remind myself every now and then. I feel energetic only when I eat something. But I have to eat after I spent some time not eating. Eating makes me feel energetic, not sleepy like it used to before. When you fast regularly, your body becomes more comfortable to go without food. You get used to it. I remember one day, I was already fasting like 21, 22 hours, and I was doing something on my laptop. I was already thinking how I want to break my fast because I dont feel like I can do it any more. But first I said to myself, lets go for a run. It doesnt matter how much I will be able to run, but lets just test my levels of energy right now. And I was suprised that I was able to run for 20 minutes. There was no food in my body, I was so light, energetic, so easy on my feet, I got in mood. I was able to run 10, 15 minutes more but that was not my plan. Now I wanted to test my strength, so I went to do some pull-ups and dips. And surprisingly, I could do them. It was not that strength that you usually have when you eat something, but still I was able to do few reps and sets. Then I was working with chainsaw. And I didnt feel tired or weak or something. I had a feeling that I could go on and on forever. Eventually after 25, 26 hours of fasting, I decided to eat something.

If I am alone and doing my thing, I can not eat for hours and hours and still have energy. But if I have to go in public, I cant go while I am fasting. I feel little bit disoriented. That made me realize that actually social obligations require more energy and mental capacity than physical work. And I dont talk about spending time with your family or friends. That is not so draining as some little bit more ‘serious stuff’.’

By fasting I realized one thing about human nature. Eating multiple times a day is not natural. It is luxury. If you look at some ancient civilizations, people were skinny, but every day they were hunting, training, preparing that food, dancing for hours, celebrating, making love and so on. They didnt eat multiple times in a day but still they had unlimited energy. Eating a lots of food should be saved for special occasions. It should not be everyday norm. You are destroying the beauty of it. For me, my norm is usually one big and one small meal in a day, or just one big meal in a day. And for special occasions, I dont care, I can eat whole day if I want to without counting my meals.

Let me try to describe what happens with digestion. Your digestion is on mission. And that mission is to take things that you need and eliminate things that you dont need. So when you eat something, first thing that your body do is digesting that food. After is done with that, it starts eliminating toxins from your body, and after that, it starts healing and repairing dead cells in your body. Now what happens if you are eating multiple times a day? Your body will not have time and space to do all that because all the time it has to battle with digestion, and then you eat again, and again, your body starts to store that food and energy, this is why you are gaining weight. You need to give your body a rest from digesting food all the time so that it can focus on other things. Your body is organism, an intelligent organism, and all the time its mission is to help you. And if it has to digest food all the time, it cant help you in other ares. It is not so efficient. And when there is no food in your body, it feels free and less overwhelmed to focus on other things.

HGH, a human growth hormone. I have read that fasting increases your growth hormone by something like 2000%. Yes, that right, I didnt made a mistake in typing, 2000%, thats the right number. This is what I read, I dont know what really happens, but yes, this makes sense to me. Once when it hits you, you will know, you will be able to run, jump, move, you will feel tremendous joy in your body, you will have unlimited energy, and this is I guess, hgh, human growth hormone. It doesnt mean that you will grow taller haha.

Many people and scientists claim that fasting makes you feel younger. I am 24 now, when I will be 54, I will tell you if it is true or not. But I guess that it is true, because when I fast, I feel like a little kid again, I feel energetic, I just want to do something, I want to move, I want to talk with people, I dont want to sit in front of screen and watch something, I want to be active, engaged, I dont want to sleep, I want to be awake so that I can enjoy this dance that is happening in my body.

And finally, fasting has been a practice of many religions. That is a powerful fact. That alone should mean something to you. Being hungry opens you to something greater, something bigger. Being stuffed with food only closes you down and it makes you heavy, miserable and sick.

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