How can logical person find joy in life

Is there a place for spontaneity in logic? Can you be spontaneous and logical at the same time? I am not necessarily talking to think logical and be spontaneous in the same second, but can your personality be made of logical thinking, but also being able to sense spontaneity? Is there a balance between the two?

 If we look at person that is on extreme of being too logical, all they do is based on logic. Their behavior is always controlled. They dont understand when someone starts dancing, or ranting about certain topics. If they do dance, they only dance according to steps that someone showed them, you will not see any improvisation from them. Too logical person cannot understand why someone wakes up 6 in the morning on rainy day and goes for run…and that person is not even a professional athlete. They could understand if you are professional athlete, but going to run early in the morning on rainy day, logical person cannot understand that. Logical person cannot understand why his wife or girlfriend cheated on him with some brainless good-looking guy. They cannot understand that. On the other hand, they are very good strategists. Their logic helps them to see things realistically, it helps them to remain grounded, not too high in sky, and for sure it helps them to not make some stupid mistakes. You will not see logical person living a life of party, joking around and having a good time. But life isnt all about that, right? There has to be some magic, some dumb mistakes, some risks, some passion. Isnt it?

But what happens with people that are on other extreme. Too spontaneous, too passionate, too emotional, too impulsive… They dont want to think about anything, they just want to follow their feelings. They are not burdened with facts, they just want to live and to feel joy. What is wrong that? Well, it is wrong because it is a path of destruction. It will make you vain and superficial, you become too needy. You have to have plan about your life. Yes sure, there has to be some space for spontaneity but your life needs some sort of structure. You dont want to be 40 and still acting like you are 16. You cant just go with the flow.

These are just extreme examples, most  people are somewhere in between these two extremes. But lets talk about people that are little bit more logical.

So you are very logical person. You are proud of your intellect. You never go through wall with your head. Your life is in order. You are smart and you are happy…. BUUUT!!! Something is missing.

People have probably tell you many times that you need to relax, to chill out, to not be so shy, to be more expressive, to enjoy a little, to do something pleasurable, to go out and have fun and so on and on. And you have tried that many times. You have tried to be someone else. You have tried to be spontaneous, you have tried to be funny, witty, entertaining, exciting, adventurous, you tried all that because those are things that you are missing. But every time you would try, you will fail. You have tried to talk with girl and you wanted to be funny and cool and exciting, but you just felt awkward.

I had the same problem. In my high school I was trying to be cool just like everyone else. Deep down I knew that I was capable of spontaneity and entertaining people and exciting them, but I couldnt do it, my logical mind was too involved. I wanted to feel free.

But how can you solve this problem? Is it even possible to solve it? Can you be logical and spontaneous person…Can you bring these two qualities together?

Only way to solve this problem is to be around other spontaneous people.

I was lucky that I met few very entertaining, exciting and animated people in my life. And I was always impressed by them because they had something which I was lacking. Something which I was looking around for. It felt good to be around them. They were so free in their movement, their expressions, in their speech. They had like this big positive energy about them. And when you meet people like that, you will try to become like them as well. Because that is what you always wanted. But now you have them as role models. You saw them in action, you pick up their vibe, it is almost as if they have transferred their energy, their DNA to you. And very soon you start to notice that you are becoming more like them. Because behavior is something that we learn. No one is born by having a fully developed characteristics. We pick up vibes from our environment and unconsciously we start to perform them by ourselves. Monkey see, monkey do. That is who we are. You know the popular phrase that you are an average of five people in your life, well it makes sense. We are learning from people. We observe them and we store their behavior in our unconscious mind, and that behavior starts to manifest itself in our own actions. You cannot be truly spontaneous and free if you have never been around people that are. Sure, maybe you can do something on your own, maybe you can find it in yourself, but to be around other people, they help you, they give you finished material. They gave you the end product. It is a map with all the tools. They save you time.

An at the end, being logical, realistic and spontaneous at the same time, it makes you very attractive. There is nothing more fascinating than when you meet a person that is full of joy and life and still, that person is smart and has a perspective in life. It is not just one of those passionate needy impulsive emotional people that dont know what they want from life.

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