Why I dont like to watch TV or stare at screen

Is watching TV or surfing the Internet a waste of time?

And you will say, it depends. And exactly, that is true. It depends.

There are a lots of educational and valuable things on Internet and even on TV.

But staring at your screen (computer, TV, mobile phone) every day for a couple of hours is a complete waste of time.

Let me explain the possible benefits of Internet. Imagine if you are born somewhere in small country, in small village. Neighbors gossip about each other, parents and grandparents are trying to control your life, they are telling who you should and should not marry. A lots of old traditional rules and shit going on. And you dont know any better. You are behind. You are unaware of life out there. You are becoming stupid and dull. And now imagine if you have computer and Internet. And you start to surf that thing. You will discover so many things, you will see how other people are living, you will see their freedom, you will see their creativity (something which your village is missing), you will see so many cool stuff and informations that slowly you will start to rise above your village. You will start to rise above all the endless gossip and small little things. It is just a matter of time before you take your stuff and say to your parents, I am leaving, I cant live here anymore. I dont want to be mediocre.

So Internet can help someone tremendously. It can be educational, informational, and not to forget, it can be fun.

A lots of young people today are rejecting expectations that they parents give them. And of course, we have Internet, we saw some cool shit out there and that is way more interesting and creative than to just find a job for the sake of job, compare yourself to neighbors and do just enough so that you dont feel like loser. We have witnessed that life can be much better.

Very often I find myself to not follow what is happening around me but I am rather searching the Internet. And I thought, this is bad. I have replaced virtual world with the real world. But the reason why I did it is because this virtual world is more interesting than the world around me. Of course, that is sad. You have to work so that your real world becomes interesting. But if I have to choose to listen to my neighbors for hours talking the same thing over and over again, or go on Internet and find something educational, I would rather go on Internet and educate myself.

And I like Internet more than TV. Because on Internet I can choose what I want. I cant do that with TV. I can only watch what they give me to watch. Although there are some channels that really always have something interesting on. However, I prefer much more to be in control of the content I consume.

However, few times in my life I felt overwhelmed by the usage of Internet. And I would ask myself, what am I doing.? I am using it too much. Then I realized that I have to be very conscious about the time that I spend on Internet, and very conscious about the things I watch and read.

I dont have to carry my phone in my pocket wherever I go, I dont have to watch every video or read every article. I am not going to miss something. In fact, I am missing my life.

Wherever I go, I see people that cannot put their phone down. They eat and they have a phone in their hands. They wait for train and they have phone in their hands. They talk with other person, and they have a phone in their hands. Now tell me that this isnt a waste of time and mental capacity. And plus when they come home, immediately they turn on their computer. They are not conscious about their relationship with technology.

Whenever I limit my usage of technology, I feel better. My mind is clearer, I am more focused, more productive, I enjoy talking to people more, and overall I just feel more peaceful not having to constantly be a slave of something. I dont want to stare at the screen the whole time. I want to live, be active and I want to be in control of my mind. I dont want to let in my mind anything what someone offers me.

But still, I cant eliminate it completely. Internet can enhance your life. It is a shortcut. You can learn a lots of things without ever leaving the room. It can really make you more smarter. We just have to learn how to use it and not let this technology to use us.  

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