What I learned by playing chess

Chess is a very interesting game. I think it is one of those things you have to know. Just how you know to swim, drive a car… chess should be one of those things. I am not saying that it is that important because it is not, but it is game that is played almost all over the world, it is easy to learn rules, and also it is endless game. Possibilities and choices are infinite. To know how to play it is not the same as having a lots of experience in it. You see this is one of those things that I was thinking that I should just concentrate right and that I would  be a good player, but the thing is that to become good player you need to practice it a lot and you need to develop experience. Without experience, without seeing certain moves couple of times, you just cant see that coming. But however I am not a great chess player. I would rank myself to be little below average player.

Anyway, I did learn some things from playing chess. Life is like chess. You need good strategy. You have to know your moves. What I learned from playing chess is that you dont go to war that you cannot win. Because in real life very often I have a feeling that I should always be willing to act and perform in every moment. I should never be hiding. I should go to war with open chess because that is courage, I was thinking. But playing chess made me realize that this is stupidity, not necessary courage. If you see that something will not go right for you, then just dont engage that battle. And in real life I was thinking that I should engage every battle to prove my masculinity. Even if the enemy is bigger, stronger and in better position than myself, I should still go in battle because then I am a real man. But chess made me realize, hey, it is ok to be weaker or being in bad position. Acknowledge that and maybe you will save yourself. Ignore this and act like big player, and you are gone my friend.

You can as well learn a lot about yourself and your character by playing chess. In my games I was very careful, very defensive, trying to make every move right. And then I realize that this is exactly how I am in real life. I am withholding too much. I need to open, to attack, to get things going, to get a reaction from my enemy.

Now I know that this what I wrote can be contradictory. But that is chess in a nutshell. Willingness to take action and risk with good strategy.

Game is just beautiful. It is super complex. And good thing about it that you can never know for sure who is going to win or lose. Very often it happens that one person is doing great, he is winning, he is attacking, he has better figures and then all of sudden, a complete change of domination happens and this other guy ends up winning. It is unpredictable.

And another thing that chess can help you with, is how to process a lose. I hate losing. I am angry when I lose. But it is a part of game. In fact, by playing chess I realize that if you are not willing to lose, you will never win. Because you will be too defensive, to protective, to careful, to closed. You need some risk. And the same thing is with life. You have to go out there and attack. If you never risk or sacrifice something, you will never win.

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