Green tea

Last few months I am drinking green tea every day. Reason why I started is because I have read that it is superfood. That fact alone is enough to convince me to start drinking it.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe if someone writes that drinking soda everyday is super good for you, maybe I will do it.

All this articles are written with some facts behind it. But how can I know that it is true? How can I test it by myself? How can I know what is going on when I eat or drink something? How can I make my own experiment and see what is good and what is bad? I dont know how to do it. Do I need lab? Do I need some special equipment? How can I know?

I dont know how to figure all this out, and to be honest with you, I am not stressing much about it. I have no other choice but to believe what they all written. All I can do is to try for myself and see how does my body feels. So I make my own decisions based on how does my body feel.

However, I started drinking green tea every day. Point is, it works for me. I feel that something is going on. I have read that green tea is full of antioxidants, so that is probably what is going on. It helps my performance in exercising. It stimulates my mind and body. So it is performance enhancing.

It is good with losing weight. But I dont have that problem.

And it very good substitute for coffee. Green tea contains caffeine as well but in lowers amounts than coffee. And when drinking it, I feel it is healthier than coffee.

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