Depression and mental illness. A little different perspective

Other day I was watching one show and guests of that show were talking about depression, suicidal thoughts, antidepressants and so on.

To be honest, I didnt like what I heard. They were telling their personal stories, I will not get into it, but they all now are using some forms of antidepressants. And the whole show was about promoting depression and antidepressant. Yes, they were promoting depression. When you watch it, you feel that you have some kind of mental illness, that something is wrong with you.

Number of depressed people is increasing, they are aware of that. They said that as well. However, because the number of depressed people is increasing, more people should seek professional help and they should get on pills. That was their solution. And I am watching and I cannot believe. No one raised a question; why number of depressed people are increasing? What is a source of it? If the number is increasing, maybe that means that problem is not in those people, but maybe problem is in our environment. And these people were from Zagreb, Croatia. And I am also from there. So I can imagine their conditions. We have low salaries, we complain a lot about politics, we are always negative, and it is a trend. For example, my parents never forced me to watch news or read newspapers, and I see how much did I grow up without some kind of fear and paranoia. And we are very tense people. Of course that you cannot grow up mentally healthy in that kind of environment. Another thing, they all live in buildings and small apartments. They are closed behind four walls. They are isolated from their surroundings. I know when I go to village, I feel such freedom. I am outdoors all the time, I am constantly moving, constantly doing something, I have no walls around me, I am free like a bird. And when I am on the village outdoors, I feel strong, tough, relaxed, happy, free… And when I go to Zagreb, to big city with many people and buildings, I do feel depressed. I am tense. I dont feel good. So I can imagine people that have to live there all the time. It is poison for mind. Artificial life. They are wasting their life, that is why they are depressed.

Another thing is, people that live in Zagreb, they dont dream. They dont have desires, dreams, imagination, they dont think constructively… but instead, they are watching news, complaining and talking negative all the time. Plus, they are not moving, they are not physically active. They are rotting. Their minds and bodies are rotting. And I am sorry to say that, but if you want to be normal, you have to escape from that tense environment. You have to escape from such small talk, from their concerns… The whole vibe is negative. Whenever I am in Zagreb, I feel that my defenses are so up. I am constantly in fight or flight mode. When I am on village, I am free, relaxed, and my mind wonders around. I dont worry.

And if you dont agree with me, thats fine. Visit psychiatrist and take pills. Blame yourself, dont blame your environment. Just ask yourself, why people in past had less mental illness and today number is going up,? Just ask yourself why.

Before people were physically active, they were working, dancing, but most importantly, they had a sky over their heads.

Today young boys are growing up in buildings on 8th floor, closed behind four walls, isolated. They have no garage, no yard, no forest around, no garden, no rivers, no trees, no freedom. And then they watch TV or they listen their parents complaining about politics. No wonder you want to kill yourself.

And no I dont think that solution is to go from city to village. Some people are happy in city. But before you label yourself mentally ill and before you start taking your pills, ask yourself, am I depressed because of my environment.? Is my environment making me depressed? Would I feel normal if I can live somewhere else? If I decrease time that I spend watching TV or surfing the Internet, would that make me less worried. If I move away from my parents, would that make any difference? If I go to military? If I learn to play music instrument? If I start doing some sport? Imagine, dream. Say: „I am not going to let anyone to control me anymore. I dont need their thoughts and ideas in my head. I am going to control my own reality.“

And in the evening when you lay down in bed, dream. Dont worry. Dream. Listen to silence of your mind. What do you want? You want adventure. You want to feel alive. You want to travel, try new things, learn new things, meet new people, read interesting books, change your job… You want all this things. Leave this depressive atmosphere and this problems with low salaries, politics, complaining and so on. Forget about that. When I was little, I used to play with cowboys (toys, not real cowboys haha.), I was reading comic books, watching cartoons, climbing trees, playing on street and so on… And my parents did never tell me that that is childish. I know some professors in my schools were saying that we are not anymore little children. We should not read comics books anymore, watch cartoon, but instead we should watch news and read newspaper. No, they were wrong. Dont read that. Read comic books, watch cartoons, play with toys, play outside outdoors, dont grow up. Dont get in this whole trap of socioeconomic problems and conversations. Believe me, that is not important. Avoid that as much as you can.

I am not saying that you remain immature. What I am trying to say is that you do not let them take your passion away. They will tell you, dont read that car magazine, read newspapers, or read this great classical novel. That is more important. And I am telling you, boys should be boys. With age we should only have bigger toys but in heart we should remain the same. We should be fascinated with the world around us, and we should explore our passions. But we are closed in apartment buildings. It is perverse. We should not let anyone to tell us what to do, but we are listening everybody how should we behave. We should have our own path and not let anyone else to give their path.  

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