Equality between men and women. Advice for men

There is a lots of noise today about equality between men and women. It is easy for women now to talk and be loud when men built civilization and homes for them. Otherwise you would have to fight against lions, bears, wolfs, coldness… But men were protecting their women, they were providing for them, making sure that they are safe and generation after generation, modern safe civilization is created. And now women are allowed to speak. And I do accept that. But you have to know that now you dont have any possible dangerous threats. You dont have real problems now, so you are creating abstract problems.

Men and women are competing in workplace. It is very bad. Men cannot win this. Women just play game more dirty and they are allowed to do that. Behind their innocence they are very manipulative. And most people tolerate that. In fact. They dont even recognize it. Boys and girls cannot play together. Where are those time where boys would fight if they are dissatisfied? Little wrestling, throwing out tension, and after again be friend with that person. That is normal for boys. In fact, it is healthy. But you cant fight with girls. They will call you primitive. But they dont understand that this primitive aggressive nature helped our species to survive.

But women were suppressed for many centuries. And I dont agree with that. Ok in same places yes, but in general, women were not suppressed. I will tell you something, they were happy that they dont have to go to war, hunt, work physical jobs… They were happy to be inside house raising children. But times have come where we achieved some kind of safety and security. It is easy now for women to come out and be courageous. They no longer respect men because we no longer have our role of protector and provider. In fact, we now need protection from them haha. Women entered into cooperate world. You know what, lets leave them there. Let them have corporate world. Lets not compete with them. Lets choose different careers, lets be builders, car mechanics, surgeons, creators… Lets do outdoor jobs… And lets leave women in office. They are for office. For us is anyway not healthy to sit whole day. Lets regain back our masculinity. Leave women to be women. There is so much drama around them. We dont need that. And find for yourself some humble traditional wife that will not be ambitious, power hungry and chasing career. Find yourself a wife that will be happy to raise children, to be mother, to be a woman. And dont let her go in corporate world because it will poison her. But instead, you be provider, you take care of financial matters, be power hungry, build a home for your wife and children. You dont need a woman that you have to compete with. First she will tell you that men and women are equal and that you should wash dishes as well. But when your car breaks down, she will tell you to do something because you are a man. You go and clean a snow. You are man. Now you are not so equal.

Men, dont give your power and dignity in their hands. And leave corporate world because it is so artificial and so abstract and so dissatisfying. To be in corporate world, you have to be a people pleaser. And we men should live with our inner codex where we are respecting everybody, and we are protecting weaker.

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