Regular exercises are destroying your mind-body connection

Gyms are everywhere these days. And everybody are going or at least they are talking about how they should go in gym. I think there is no young or middle age person in this world that didnt think about going in gym.

And I dont like it. Whatever it is made for masses, I resist it. And regular gyms are made for masses. Gym represent good health, good-look, positivity, more energy and so on.

Basically, gyms have become mainstream. But you know what, there in no health in gym. I can tell you that. Regular exercising is of course good and healthy. It releases extra energy, it pumps your blood, you become stronger and so on. But when it comes to exercising, people are so limited. They have only two or three things in their minds. Lifting weights (bodybuilding, strength training…), cardio (running…) and some people have this third one which is stretching (yoga, pilates…) The last one is more for women. Men can engage in this activities as well, but generally speaking, women are engaging more in this category. Just as men are more present in the world of lifting weights.

But what happens when you exercise everyday?

You destroy mind-body connection. Mind-body harmony. You are just lifting weights or running. There is no mind involved. No mental challenge. You are isolated. Gyms and modern fitness is isolating you. It is destroying your mind-body connection. They do not build you, they destroy you. I am not saying that you should not lift weights or run, it is definitely good for you, but if you are doing only that, you will become stupid. You have to do activities that are mind-body. For example, dancing, parkour, soccer, basketball, tennis, martial-arts and etc. Something that requires your mind and body. Then what else is good for mind-body? Any activity or craft that requires you to use your arms and hands. Car mechanics have good mind-body connection. Wood-workers have good mind-body connection. Musicians, makers, people that fix things, people that make things, they all have good mind-body connection. How often have you see someone who is ‘fit’, in good shape, have some muscles, look good, but they are totally dysfunctional in any more complex craft.? They cant make anything, they cant do anything, they are clumsy. Because they dont know anything else except to lift weights and run. This is why so often people say that bodybuilders are stupid. Incorrect, they are not stupid, they lost mind-body connection. They are isolated. Their minds and bodies are not in harmony.

So modern fitness is actually destroying people. It is destroying their minds. Do activities that are going to sharpen your mind. Your mind should be in charge, body just follows. But in bodybuilding, first we use our bodies but mind is not doing anything.

I do love lifting weights and strength training, but I just have to be aware that there is more. Whenever I am too much focused on exercises that require repetition, the more I lose my presence of mind. And afterwards I need some time to regain it back. I feel isolated. Like I am not in my body

There is other end of extremeness as well. For example, reading. It is only mind activity. No body. Just pure mind. This is why so often people say: β€žHey, dont read so much. Lift your head from book. Go and do something.β€œ Because unconsciously they know that pure reading is leading you in isolation. The same thing is with watching TV. It is only mind activity. Writing and talking is for example not only mind activity. When you write, there is a connection between your mind and your hand. And when you talk, if you are animated person, there is definitely some mind-body connection there.

Lifting weights, running, reading, watching TV, listening music… All these are isolated activities. Dont avoid them completely because they are beneficial, but be sure that you fill your days with tasks that requires from you to engage your mind and your body.


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