Why smoking weed is a bad thing

Marijuana is not taboo subject anymore. Almost everyone has or will try it at same point in their life. It is consider to be an easy drug and many people dont even consider it to be a drug. People are using it for fun, entertainment, boredom… and some people even use it for their mental health because it helps them psychologically. It can be good for self-reflection because marijuana makes mind more sensitive and insights that you are getting are more intense. Some people even consider marijuana to be a spiritual thing.

But are they any side effects to usage of marijuana? Well, good thing about marijuana is the fact that it definitely doesnt have strong side effects. You are not going to destroy your mind and body like with heavy drugs. But it is not completely without consequences either.

In order to fully understand it, we cannot think in terms of good and bad. Some people when they smoke it, they just relax, they have good time and thats it, they are normal. But there are people who dont take marijuana that easy. For them, the effects of ‘high’ puts them in very intense anxiety and paranoia. Some studies even claim that marijuana can trigger schizophrenia in people that have potential for developing it. The thing is, marijuana is psychoactive drug, it is going to play with your mind, and people that dont posses strong sense of self, people that are prone to a lots of daydreaming, a lots of imagination, people that have trouble with reality when they are sober, for them it can be dangerous to smoke weed. And I dont think that all this psychosis can be triggered if you smoke one joint… But if you are smoking it everyday multiple times a day, it is definitely going to play with your sense of reality. And if you already have weak sense of reality and perception, it can take you on wrong path.

It is very hard to know the real truth because some people have negative experiences when they smoke it, and some people say that weed doesnt effect them bad in any way. However, I do think it does effect them, but it is not going to manifest itself instantly.

Big role also plays the type of character that someone has. I know people that are total losers. Like biggest junkies they go around only with purpose to get marijuana and to smoke it. Their biggest focus in their life is weed. Did marijuana made them losers or are they losers deep down down in themselves? And I think they were losers before they started using it, becoming dependent on marijuana just accelerated their down-path into misery. Then I know people that smoke but are not loser. In fact, just opposite, they are successful, fulfilled, they have strong sense of self, they are not stupid, not slow… So it seems that everything depends. It is also with the quality of weed.

So a lots of things play role here. Your mental health, your character, your ambitions, your inner self, amounts that you are smoking, quality of weed that you are smoking, your environment, people with whom you are smoking with…. Many many things play role here. You need to figure it out for yourself. It is not one of those black-white things.

Me personally, I dont smoke weed. I tried it few times couple of years ago… And to begin with, I was in wrong environment with wrong people, so I did experience lots of anxiety. Also in that period I had a very weak sense of self. I just finished high-school and so many problems and worries were going through my head, so many questions,.. like „Who am I? What is purpose of my life? What should I do?“ So while my so-called friends were mindlessly laughing and having good time, I was in serious self-reflection. Like I said, your thoughts and insight are very intense when you are on marijuana. And I have to admit that I was fascinated with the depth of my insights. But it definitely did play a little bit with my sense of reality. It becomes hard to understand what is real and what is not.

However, I feel that marijuana is bad. Many people say the same that they had profound insights and that it is spiritual thing. In my eyes, marijuana is instant enlightenment, a get-rich-quick scheme. You dont have to work for it. But it is false. False enlightenment, false spirituality.

Insights that I get through my own thinking and reflection, through my own life experiences are real insights. I embodied them. I get to them with my own efforts. Gradually, not instantly.

Overall, I think it is bad. I think it is drug. It is destroying young people. I go to playground to play basketball or soccer, and people that are smoking weed, they are hiding, they look half-dead, they are angry if they dont have weed, they are totally unaware of anything. I dont know, they give me a bad vibe. And most importantly, they are resentful towards each other, but they hang out together just because of the weed. But in reality they cant stand each other. They are rotting. They dont play anything on the playground. Even if they do decide to take a ball and do something, they are slow, they give bad vibe, you cannot play with them… I mean, it is disaster.    

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