Fat cats

My neighborhood is very pet friendly. We have a lots of dogs and cats. One evening while I was sitting outside, three cats were passing through my yard. I know these cats. They are cats of my neighbors. These three cats were very fat cats. And that is interesting because my neighbors are fat as well.

A lots of people are saying that they are fat because of genetics. Ok, but why your cat is fat as well? Did you make your cat? Are you parent of this cat as well so now this cat also has bad genetics? I dont think so. I think problem is in your eating habits. We see it manifesting itself in your pets as well.

I had an opportunity to see cats that are living in wilderness, and they are all skinny.

Only reason why I am mentioning this is because I believe we have big problem today with overweight people. Now our pets are becoming overweight as well. That should indicate something.

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