Genius is a genius under all circumstances

How much do you need in order to succeed? We live in a world of information. That is mostly because of Internet and the fact that everybody are using Internet. This connection, this availability definitely helped us to expand our world views. We know more, we see more, we understand more, we experience more. Very often I hear my parents telling how our ancestors were stupid and intellectually limited because they didnt have Internet and they didnt have such an access to information.

Many people believe this to be true. But it is only partially true. Discussing with some people to imagine their life without Internet, they didnt even wanted to think about it. They believe that they would get behind in the life. It would be bad for them mentally and intellectually.

And it made sense to me. But then I started thinking: „Nikola Tesla didnt had Internet and he didnt have access to all this information. Thomas Edison didnt had Internet. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Charles Darwin. So many people great people didnt have Internet. These all people rely on their imagination. They were imagining things. They were downloading data through their own minds.

Warren Buffet. Warren Buffett is one of the most richest people on the whole planet. He is a billionaire. He doesnt even have a smartphone and he doesnt use email (doesnt like to use it). Can you imagine that?

My point is not that we should not use Internet, but my point is that we need to use our imagination as well. Imagination is everything. Today we are lacking it because we have many answers and no questions. Questions are opening the mind. Answers are closing it. All geniuses people were curious and they were asking themselves questions and then they would think about it being curios with it as a little kid. Today we have an answer for anything. Google knows everything. We no longer think, imagine, wonder… We are not growing our minds, we want quick answers. Quick fixes.

„Banana is high in potassium.“ I read this. But real genius is a person that did research, that asked questions, that wonder, think, imagine, trying to figure out… I just read it and decided that it is good to eat banana. Good, even monkeys know that. And if monkey are eating banana, they have to be good.

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