Take a walk and enjoy a silence of your mind

I have this habit of taking walk in the evenings. I just love to walk when it is fresh outside, when is cold. It is evening, everything is peaceful, everything is relaxed.

Very often I see people walking with their headphones listening music. And I dont understand why you do it.? Why dont you enjoy the silence of your mind?

For me it is nothing better than to be outside, walk and think. No one except me. No sounds except sounds of my brain. My thoughts are my friends. I dont need some external noise.

But why I am saying this? Because once I was one of those people that were walking around with headphones. It is a drug. I would get a kind of ‘high’ from it. Music would motivate me walk even more. I always enjoyed that. I could walk for hours if I wanted to with my headphones. But trust me, it is so much better walking without noise. Just yourself. Give your mind a break. Dont constantly bring stimulus to it.

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