Apartments vs. houses

Apartments vs. Houses.

As a person that grow up in house, I can tell you that there is no discussion here for me. I would choose house always before the apartment. But interesting thing is that I was looking some apartments and houses. And I was shocked, I mean, I can and I cant believe it. Certain apartments are double the price of some houses. This apartment that I was looking is new apartment, medium size and it is on very good location. But however I dont understand why would someone wanted apartment before house. Specially families. Owner of apartment told me that there are a lots of families in this building. Why would you want to limit your children one day. Your children will grow in building behind four walls. You have no garage, ok, you do have it, but you are sharing it with 50 other people. You cannot have any tools in that garage, you cannot fix your car there, you have no yard, no garden, nothing. It is limiting the development of your child.

But what is even more interesting is that I found a lots of old houses that are possible to buy very cheap. Price is half of this apartment. It is true, it is old house and it needs lots of investing in it, but you will have house, you have yard and you have garden… You even have space if you want to build something else.

I find it kind of sad that this apartment is so expansive. Apartment is like pornography in comparison to house with yard. It is not real thing.

These houses, although they are old, they have much more potential than this apartment. And most importantly, you dont have to be so quite in it. In your own house you can do whatever you want. In apartment someone will call you police. You dont have so much freedom. Purpose of apartments should be only to rent them if you travel somewhere or if you are spending short time somewhere.

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