Developing entrepreneurial mind

Developing entrepreneurial mind. Or should I said ‘spirit’? Many people say it is entrepreneurial spirit.

You dont have to necessary be an entrepreneur to posses entrepreneurial spirit. I know a lots of people that are finishing colleges, they study economics or something related, they act smart, they know more than me, but I dont see entrepreneurial spirit in them.

Growing up, I never wanted to be considered a nerd (although I love knowledge), but I always wanted to be consider a bad boy. I always wanted to live on edge. So what bad boys do? They break rules. And being entrepreneur or possessing entrepreneurial spirit is exactly that. Breaking rules. Thinking outside of box.

First thing you have to know about me is that I am from Croatia. If you dont know, Croatia was under communism. I was born in capitalistic country but my parents were born during communism. However, influence of communism is still visible in our people even today. So it is hard to stand out because most people will not understand you.

But lets go back to this entrepreneurial mind/spirit. Other day I found a business card on floor. I pick it up and saw that it is business card of some CEO. And I am thinking, ok, now I have a contact of this CEO, I got to do something with it. And I am not sure what exactly I want to achieve, but lets be a bad boy. Lets do things outside of rules. I called him and explain that I found this card, that I checked his website, that I like what I see and that I would like to work for them if they are hiring. First he was thinking that someone of his colleagues is making prank on him, he didnt believe me because it is so unusual to get a call like this. But however, I did get a job, but I just didnt like it. Thats not the point. The point is that I was thinking outside of box and I got myself a decent job. I created opportunity for myself.

I am constantly following new jobs that are coming to marketplace. I usually follow them on certain websites. However, all this jobs are mostly just repeating itself and I am kind of frustrated with what they are offering me. And then I asked myself, why do I rely on jobs they are offering me.? Why dont I get in contact with companies that I do want to work for. So I called one company that was not even hiring to asked them to be some kind of writer for them. They asked me do I have journalist degree, and I am like no. But that doesnt mean that I will be bad writer. Then I would go on job interviews, and I dont bring my CV with myself. Why do you want my CV? Is this piece of paper really more important to you than to see me face to face, feel me.? Ask me what do you want to know. I can tell you more passionately and animated than this paper. If you hire me, then I can give you my CV. Now I have a plan to walk into one bakery and talk to CEO and asked them if they want to make a franchise in other city and can I be their CEO.? Of course, I will not come like I am from Mars, I will prepare myself. I know in which city and on which location this bakery could be successful. And you know what, they will probably reject me. And to be honest I dont have a big desire to be a CEO of bakery. But I will gain some informations, some new insights… So often I enter some companies or businesses with some story and guess what, when you show genuine interest, people talk back to you. They share informations with you. They open yourself to you. And if you listen, you can learn so much. You can hear inforamtions that you will not hear in school or on TV. It is priceless.

But what if this CEO of bakery accepts my idea, what would I do then? Am I really going to become a CEO of bakery? Well, it depends. It depends on which circumstances I will be CEO. But even if I dont become a CEO, I am not wasting this person’s time. I am actually opening their minds with new idea of which maybe before they never even thought about.

I do have few projects on mind that I really plan to do. And my father is asking me, how are you going to do it, you need money for that.? And I am like, no, I dont need money. I need investors. Investors have my money. But for people that have grow up in communism, it is very hard to understand this concepts.

I like to have endless possibilities, opportunities, options. All this is like a playground for me. I play with all this. I want to be bad boy. I want to get what I want and I will go after it. I am developing my entrepreneurial mindset, my entrepreneurial spirit.

I just gave you few examples, but I am trying to think like this in all areas of my life. I am trying to create opportunities, events, conversations for myself. I like the idea of creating something out of nothing. But to have this attitude, you have to be wild, passionate, free, courageous. And you have to be ethical. If you are not ethical, you are only creating trouble for yourself.   

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