Should you have only one ‘niche’

One ‘niche’ or chaos of topics?

I choose chaos. If you are writing with certain purpose, with certain goal in your mind, then it is good to have one ‘niche.’

For myself, I just find it limited because the variety of topics I am interested in is vast. In one second I can write about Universe, next second I can write about elephants and then I can write about money, and then about schools,…. Whatever I prefer I can choose. And I like it that way. Maybe it doesnt look professional, maybe it shows that I am not an expert, but whatever that it is, it is my style. Even if it looks half-retarded and makes no sense, it is my style.

So I would like to encourage you if anyone else has the same problem that they cannot choose one ‘niche’, it is ok to be inconsistent with your writing. Some people dont like it. But if you want your blog to be liked, then you have to be expert in your ‘niche’ and write only about that. And then you will attract people that are interested in those topics and you will be liked.

If you write upside-down, no one is going to take you seriously. You will be weird. I am ok with that. Are you? 


  1. šŸ™‚ In a past blog post of mine, I mentioned to my readers that personal bloggers can get away with posting miscellaneous topics (Therefore, they are not required to stick with a niche.

    However, business-related bloggers are not granted that luxury. They have no choice but to stick with a niche.

    I happen to fall within the category of, “A personal blogger,” so I get to play around with well-written miscellaneous topics on my blog.


      1. šŸ™‚ For starters, I write whatever it is that I have on my mind.

        In regards to inspiration, I find it all around me.

        If one thinks with the mindset of a journalist, they will always have something to write about due to the fact that something is always taking place around them.

        My topics are randomly chosen.

        The process starts with being highly observant on what interests me at the moment.

        Thank you for the questions.


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