Baha’i faith vs. Christianity

In one of my previous posts I was writing about Baha’i faith. I had a chance to meet a lots of Baha’is so I do know some stuff. I am born Catholic. Although I am highly interested in religion, I am very much free thinker. I do believe in God, I just have problem with people on Earth…meaning, authorities, institutions and etc.

Baha’i faith is very modern religion, many people find it refreshingly modern. It is not so fanatic and tough like for example Christianity or Islam. At least at first is not. But Baha’i faith is a big propaganda. Or it is influenced by big propaganda, I dont know what happened first and it doesnt matter. But because of that, I am much more bigger fan of Christianity and Catholicism. Catholic philosophy is much more focused on individual. An individual holds the power to save himself. In Baha’i faith we are trying to save whole humanity. But we are not humanity. We are individuals. Baha’i faith is full of subtle manipulations. Catholicism is much more realistic. Individual needs to become aware of his sins, he needs to change himself… He is responsible for his own actions.

If you read Catholic literature, it is very supportive literature, it has a power to transform you, give you new insights, help you with anxiety and worry, it speaks to you, to your problems, worries, you can relate to it, you want to be a better person after you read it, it helps your deep spiritual inner hunger, it nourishes you.

If you read Baha’i literature, it is shallow. Their philosophy is not going to fulfill your deep spiritual yearning. It is not soulful. It will not touch you in transformative way. (at least not in way catholic books can touch you) . It will leave you empty. It is too focused on social problems. It is abstract. It is ideology. It is manipulative.

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