Does true love exists? Coming from male perspective

Does true love exists and what is love? Coming from male perspective.

I want to simplify this very quickly. Real love is when you have a deep respect and admiration for other person. Period. Respect, admiration and loyalty. Thats love.

Everything else, excitement, romantic feelings, joy… those are temporarily feelings. Love is not being high in clouds. Love should be something simple, grounded.

I had a chance to meet girls that I like and it seems like big thing. Excitement, joy, you are thinking about them all the time, but whenever I was investing my romantic feelings, my excitement in this kinds of attractions, I would feel empty. I would feel cheated, disappointed. It is only a chemical rush. You only enjoy the attention of that person. It is an addiction.

I dont believe in those wild passionate romantic stories that you can see in movies. It is so fake that it makes me want to puke. And now is coming a time of Christmas, that means a lots of this kind of movies. And people will behave differently as well.

I think movies and songs have sold us some kind of abstract love. A love that doesnt exist. They sold us an idea of some happiness, unrealistic happiness. This is why I think that traditional relationships have the most chance to survive. There is not much ego involved in it. Man and woman are taking care of house, property, garden and children. Neither one of them goes to work in corporate world (because it is poison). And working on your property, on your house, ego and narcissistic tendencies will decrease. You will be much more grounded, not self-centered.

Focus of relationship should be on house, garden, children, then it will be fulfilling. These modern relationships are too much narcissistic, artificial, shallow, unfulfilling.

Modern relationships promise you big joy, big happiness, excitement, adventure…but it is so shallow that you will probably commit suicide if you stay for too long in it. Believe me, rather go with respect, admiration and loyalty. And you will find fulfillment.  


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