Who doesnt want to be Batman

As a kid, I loved superheros. I was reading comics books, watching cartoons, movies…everything that is related to superheros. But only one character touches me and inspires me even today. And thats Batman. Who doesnt want to be Batman?

But why do I love him so much? Batman is not lighthearted, nor playful. It has this dark serious charisma. He is a complete weapon. Batman knows martial arts, knows science, intellectually is very strong, has detective abilities, will bend rules from time to time, lives to his own rules and is not easily manipulated like Superman. Superman is known to be a team player. Batman is totally not. Although sometimes he is a part of team. Batman is rich, powerful, psychologically very strong. His willpower is probably the greatest among all superheros. He is even not a superhero, he is behind the scenes guy that is taking things in his own hands. He doesnt speak much, always has poker face, always knows his moves, knows few steps in advance. Batman relies on his mind to defeat his enemies, always has a plan B (probably whole alphabet), has cool tools, equipment. But all this external things are not what makes Batman to be cool as he is. Batman is cool because he is very introverted, has his own demons…he is cool because of who he is on inside.

Most importantly, everybody are scared of him. Who doesnt fear Batman???

That is so cool.

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