Blogging and narcissism

Last few days I am reading a lots of blogs and posts and I cannot help myself but to notice this narcissistic tendencies that comes out in blogging. I am guilty of it as well. But what exactly I am talking about?

Lots of posts I open, I read them and I feel in background all the time that ‘me, me, me and me’. I notice this little narcissistic trait. Almost as this person is processing their emotions and self-worth here on Internet. They are trying to impress their readers and show them how great they are.

Once again, I find this narcissistic trait in myself also. And now when I am aware of it, I am asking myself, what is next in future for me.? Am I using this blog only to have an outlet for my narcissistic thoughts? Because I dont want that. And then bunch of other questions started to popping up in my mind. Why am I blogging? What am I trying to achieve?

And then I feel if I start writing now here what exactly I want to do, it will again be narcissistic thought process. Who really wants to read all that? People want value, information, entertainment, good story… They want to be influenced by things they read. Why do I want to read something if that doesnt bring me any value? I want to read things that are going to influence me, move me, inspire me, make me think. And it is definitely a big task because it is not easy to write something that is going to really touch people, but why not try it.?

Let me give you an example by what I mean. I love National Geographic. I love to read their articles and their magazines. Why? They give me value. They are not writing how insecure they feel. They are not writing about their little ego. They are exploring the world. They give real value to people. They educate people worldwide. And authors are expressing their opinions, they do put their ego in it, but focus is not on themselves, focus is on something bigger. Think like National Geographic. How can you provide value, education, how can you touch people? How can you leave your little world behind and create something bigger?


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