Have you ever worked in call center?

I remember when I was student and got involved in one call center. That was my second job. My first job was in one storehouse.

But lets talk about this call center.

Biggest advantage of call centers is that almost everybody can get this job. If not in this call center, then in some other. They are hiring students, retired people, people without experience, people with experience, black, white, male, female… Everybody. Reason why is because job is not regular job. Your skills, life experiences and things you know are not so important. There is only one major thing that is important. And that is, are you an animated person in your speech.? You cant talk over phone like a dead cat. You have to be able to transfer your energy over the phone.

When I started, I almost got fired because I didnt sell anything in first few days. And actually I was on my last trial day. Today I am either going to sell something or I will get fired. And with little luck, I sell something that day. After that, I didnt have problem selling anymore. I just needed some time to figure out my style of expressing myself over the phone, and some time to figure out technical things about my product and the whole process behind it when you sell something.

I remember that I actually enjoyed working that job. You just need to relax, free yourself, get out of your head and have fun. Plus, you have to be persuasive, disciplined, persistent.

I stayed there few months. It was low salary. Even if you get some bonuses, it is not going to make big difference in your life. There was some room for growth and promotion but situation is company was not really stable. They were going through some crises and legal issues.

Many of this call centers are labeled as working unethically. In my experience, it is true. However, I was working there couple of years ago and I think they made some progress in this. I think today rules are little different and people are doing their job much more ethically.However, I did made some money, gain some experience, had fun, learn new things, improve my communication, meet some good people (but to be honest, I am not in contact with any of them today hahaha).

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