How to find job without experience and education

How to find a job when you have no experience, no education and you need quick money?

There is one big trap here. And that trap is called entitlement and looking for quick fixes. I fall in this trap very often. It is a weakness of mind. You are trying to avoid facing certain things.

Now, maybe you are already mature and realistic person and you dont have such problems… but if you are not, and it is easy to know if you are or not because deep down you know… then the first thing you need to do is to get your head right. Quit looking for quick fixes. You will have to get your hands dirty.

Second thing, you need a plan, direction. Without it you are just going to circle around going nowhere. Short-term and long-term plans.

Lets first go through short-term plan. Although long-term plans are everything, short-term plans are more intense and it seems bigger because it is happening right now.

Lets say you dont have college degree. No worry. Many rich and successful people dont have it. Dont let other people to intimidate you or put you down. Only power of your own mind and thinking can make you successful. And courage in your heart. That is also very important. I know many smart and educated people without passion.

Ok, so here we are, no experience, no education, need quick money… Look for job in call-centers, sales, direct sales, storehouse, physically laboring jobs, work as a help in kitchen, do outdoors summer jobs… These are some of examples of jobs that you can do immediately. Maybe they are not most attractive one, but they offer you something that other jobs cannot offer you, a quick employment.

When you get involved in one of these jobs, you will earn some money, gain your first experience… from there it will be much more easier to build yourself in future. The most important thing is that you dont stay too long on this places, unless you want to… but my advice is to move so that you can enrich your persona.

Now the other, more important part. Bridge between short-term and long-term plans. While you are working jobs, surviving, gaining your experiences, meeting new people… do something on the side. Figure out what is that going to be. Extra job, education, blogging, writing, painting, creating YouTube channel and providing value, volunteer…

For example, I dont know how does the Internet work (I know how to use it). I am totally unaware of it. I dont understand it, I dont understand terminology, phrases…nothing. Almost zero knowledge on it. And now in my free time, I am going to learn about it. I am going to read, research, watch few videos and then get deeper in it if I will find it valuable.

What I am doing here? I am increasing my awareness, my education, my knowledge. I am increasing my chances for being successful in future. Point is to use your time wisely. Control your time.

And now the holy grail. Long-term plans. A vision where you want to end up in future, what you want to achieve, where you want to live, how do you want to set-up your life, do you want to become entrepreneur, do you want to go back on college and become a surgeon, do you want to marry and have children, do you want to be single and travel around the world and enjoy short adventures, do you want to live in city or in village, are you planning to learn another language… What do you want? What will fulfill you?

Problem is I think that many people are afraid to think big long-term. They are afraid to have big dreams. They settle for less. They live under their potential.

So to put all this in theory. You need to have short-term and long-term plans. You will always need to have it. Short-terms plans are your present circumstances, next steps, things you can do now, things that are available now. Long-term plans are plans that you cannot achieve and do right now but you will do it one day in future (hopefully). And now you need to figure out how to make a bridge between your current reality to better vision of future. Good luck !

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