It is Christmas. Avoid big public gatherings

It is time of Christmas and New Year. What is this? I can maybe find some definitions on Internet and I can copy them here. But what is Christmas and New Year honestly? It is family, peace, happiness, harmony, good food, relaxation, home, love, kindness… It is hope for children.

It can also be frustrating. I experienced it. Everybody are rushing, masses of people are everywhere, trying to take out as much as possible from the experience, trying to have good time.

You will not see me there because I dont like masses. But there is another reason as well why I will not be there, and that reason is because I think it is potentially dangerous. During the period of Christmas, public places are potentially dangerous because of terrorists. They could attack. I dont want to spread the paranoia and suggest that you close yourself and live in fear. But why go to big public gatherings? Why dont you stay in your home with your family, visit some friends and relax?

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