Create a lots of activities

How many things you got to do today? Is your schedule full of activities or do you have a lot of free time?

If you wake up and you dont know what to do, you are in a bad place. If you dont have certain things going on, you are lost.

What happens when you have a lots of free time and you are not using that time in productive way?

Couple of things happens. You wake up angry. In fact, you are avoiding to wake up. You enjoy to be sleeping because you know that when you wake up, hell is waiting you. Then you finally decide to wake up and you are angry, frustrated. Unconsciously you already know that you got nothing going on and that your day will be full of emptiness. You dont have a compass, you dont know direction, you dont know where you are going. But your mind and body are full of creative energy and they want to gent engaged, stimulated, and you are repressing it. You have no channel for it. Silent hopelessness is all around you. You light up cigarette, you make yourself a coffee, you turn on a music, pick up your phone and you just want to disappear from your reality. Two hours has gone by, you are drinking your second coffee, you already smoked a half pack of cigarettes, music is playing louder but it doesnt has the same effect anymore, it is almost irritating, but you cannot turn it off because then you will have to listen your thoughts. And here you are, alone, knowing that you are doing bad things but telling yourself: „I got to change myself.“ But you are saying that all the time and nothing is happening. Nobody is calling you, you dont feel like going out, you feel rejected, isolated and alienated from the whole world. And as day is progressing, you start with alcohol, you are smoking weed, eating chips and watching pornography. And that goes on and on.

And how to change that? 

Deciding that you are going to quit all this habits is not enough. It is first step, but it is not enough. Quitting bad habits has a negative charge. It doesnt affirm anything, it only stops, restricts. Now you have to affirm something.

Best way to do it is to have a day full of activities. You have to juggle more balls at the same time. You need to have projects, hobbies, work, new things to do and try, people to meet, articles to write, painting, drawing, playing instruments, trying new sports… I dont know. But your day has to be full. And when you have a lots of activities going on, miracles starts to happen. Unbelievable things starts to happen. You get lucky. No more anxiety, silent hopelessness, depression, negative thoughts… Because you are at the heart of creativity. And nothing sets you free like creativity. Look at children. Their aura is so pure because they are constantly engaged in something. When they are not, they are crying.

So next time you find yourself stuck, in a bad mood, ask yourself, how can you make things happen, how can you make things to start flowing, how to create activities, how to gain momentum…??? Think like this. You are either in creative mode or you are rejected and isolated from the real world.

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