Dopamine detox

Screens are everywhere. Phones, computers, laptops, TV, music, radio, movies. This sound pleasurable to you? To me it sounds overwhelming. And that is exactly the feeling that I get if I am too long exposed to it. All this mentioned things, they produce dopamine in your brain. A pleasure chemical. But what is wrong with pleasure?

You do something, you achieve something, or you have a kind conversation with someone, it triggers dopamine in your brain. You did something, and then it effects you to feel good. What is problem with smartphones and computers? They give you a strong quick pleasure but you didnt do anything. A rush of chemicals is happening in your brain. An unnatural rush of chemicals. You get a feeling of ‘high’ that is not possible to find in real world. But it is quick, cheap, it leaves you empty, unfulfilled, alone, isolated.

By constantly exposing yourself to this chemical rush (TV, computers, phones, video games, music, movies, sweet food, sugar, alcohol…) your receptors in brains gets dull.

Think about cocaine usage. Most people say that first time they used cocaine, it was their best time. Why? Because brain produced this huge rush of chemicals. Unnatural. Now your brain needs some time to recover from it and to get back to normal state but if you use cocaine regularly, your brain becomes disbalanced and chemistry of your brain gets destroyed.

The same thing is with movies, music, Internet, social media, food and etc. It is not harmful as cocaine but it is addictive as cocaine.

So what is solution? Solution is this so called dopamine detox. In other words, you eliminate usage of all technologies, sugar and alcohol for certain period of time. Just like fasting with food.

What happens when you stop consuming all this things that create a huge pleasurable chemical rush in your brain?

You become very uncomfortable, thats what happens. You feel without energy. All the emotions that you have been hiding behind music, movies and Internet, will start to rise up. Very uncomfortable emotions. And for the first time you will see yourself as a junkie that is hiding behind the screen. All you can do is lay down, close your eyes and just feel and process all this uncomfortable emotions. Your brain is returning to normal state. For so long it has been bombarded with dopamine. It is uncomfortable. It is like breaking a bad relationships. Lots of emotions are involved in it.

Here is a thing you have to know. You cannot eliminate everything completely, but you have to reduce it as much as possible. Point is not to never again watch movie or play your favorite song. Point is to learn to do all this pleasurable things in moderation. The point is to have control over it. With little experience when you start to gain back your mind and senses, you will be able to see when you are becoming overwhelmed.

What happens once when your mind do get back in normal state? A happiness. Peace. Deep meditation. More motivation, more desire, better thinking abilities, more interest in conversations, in activities, in world around you. Your body develops a sense for vibrations. You can sense things more intensely. You feel everything more intense. You feel natural. And at some occasion, you burst out in joy just like a little child. And when you are sad, you are sad. You are not hiding it behind the video-game.

There is a reason why in most religions, people go in silence, solitude, abstaining from pleasure… They know that constant pleasure is dulling our sense and quality of life and abstaining from pleasure, it gives us back our natural state.

What can you expect when going on this detox?

No energy, uncomfortable feelings and underlying issues start to come on surface, images of videos and movies that you watch will constantly pass through your head, songs will play constantly in your head… It is intense. But behind it is freedom, natural pleasure, natural state that you forgot that it exists. I would love to write more about that natural state, but it is not word, it is feeling in your body. It is better that you experience it. You will know what I am talking abut.

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