Love vs. power

Few times in my life I have heard that you can either choose love or power. You cannot experience love, joy and happiness if you are pursuing power.

It is all a lie. That philosophy came from people who doesnt have desires and ambitions. They believe that all rich, powerful people are evil and that they cannot find God and life joy because they are too much enslaved in their ego. It is all a lie. It is dangerous information. It is not real spirituality.

Since I know myself, I have been power hungry. I always had big desires and I always wanted to do big things and be person of influence. But that never stopped me to find joy in life. I can play with kids, play with dogs, I can talk with old people, I can dance, I can joke around, I can be empathetic… And I dont understand what they are saying that you cannot have love and power???

To me it seems that it is coming from frustrated people that are afraid of life and making mistakes, so they want to live perfect life…. Because to become someone, you have to go through lots of obstacles. And some people dont want to go through that and then they say that people that do that, are evil people.

I have also heard that people that are power hungry need one long hug and some love. And I do agree with that. Everybody needs a touch, hug, love…but that doesnt make me less power hungry. And being power hungry doesnt make me to do bad things and to hurt other people.

You can have both. Love and power.

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