Studying history will make you understand world better

So many people are today reading personal development books. They watch videos, attend seminars, read quotes. But content that this gurus and expert are providing… it is such a poor content. You cant get out of it a lot. This books and seminars maybe can help you in some way. Maybe. But I dont understand why people are reading this books. You can get much more value by reading science, history, studying mathematics, even reading fiction. Fiction is more valuable than personal development books.

Today I am going to write about history because lately I am spending much time studying and researching history.

When you study history, you start to understand some things. You start to see bigger picture. You start to understand better modern times and you start to guess what future could look like.

When you see how people were developing, how nations, civilizations were developing, how religions were developing, how nations, civilizations and religions were disappearing, how things have been changing, how people have been changing. How communication was developing, writing, languages, technology, politics, arts, poetry, wars and battles…

When you see how everything is connected. When you see how people were living, you start to understand better what modern times expect from us. By studying history, you will see how only people that were making changes, are remembered. People that had creative ideas. They were very interesting people. And what we are doing today? We are looking to get a job and get a retirement. We are so limited. World, life, it is so huge… But we close ourselves in our little world not understanding what is going on.

My point is, studying history will make your more powerful, knowledgeable, smarter and it will increase your chances for success more than personal development book. Look for real knowledge. Not this flaky cheap life philosophy that is pumping your ego but it doesnt give you a real thing.

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