Think like millionaire

Last few months I have developed this mental exercise; to think like a millionaire. I stop myself from whatever I am doing  and I am reminding myself  to think like a millionaire.

What does that means? How can you think like a millionaire? What is the thought process behind it?

This phrase mean certain things to me, it is not just money. It is much more. It is being rich. Rich in all ways possible. Rich in adventure, rich in passion, rich in conversations, rich with hobbies and life experiences. Thinking like a millionaire is taking out all you can from the moment. It is to make every moment challenge, adventure, experience. It is to find that something in every moment of life. It is rich life.

What would millionaire do? Millionaire will not watch tv mindlessly or scroll through smartphone mindlessly, millionaire would be studying something now. Millionaire would be collecting new ideas, learning new concepts, expanding his horizons. Millionaire is looking for new, he doesnt want to stick with his old habits. Instead of staying in house, millionaire would take a walk and observe the world around him, millionaire would start conversations with people. If someone invites him to play basketball, he will play basketball, even if he sucks at it. It is his life, adventure, challenges, exploration, excitement. Millionaire will not stay at the same job, unless for specific reason. Millionaire would move, collect ideas, experiences, learn new thing and thinking, how he can improve conditions of companies that he was working with. He is looking for problems to solve. Millionaire will spend his money only on things that give value to him. He will not buy sandwich and soda, unless he is dying of hunger. Millionaire would cook his own food, experiment with food.

Thinking like millionaire is about creating something out of nothing. Lets say you have a meeting with someone, and that someone tells you that they will be late two hours. What would normal person do? Normal person would complain (in themselves of course), then they will sit somewhere, order something to drink or eat, put headphones on and scroll mindlessly through mobile phone until two hours has pass by. What would millionaire do? Millionaire would say, hm, I have two hours now. What can I do in that two hours? Then he would walk around, looking if there is something that will strike his attention. He will be looking for something to expand his horizons. He would read book, answer e-mails, make phone calls, meet new people, go to cinema, write a journal, draw something… Point is, millionaire would try to take out as much as possible from those two hours. And then when this person that is late, finally comes and starts apologizing for being late, millionaire would say that there is no problem. (in fact, millionaire would be maybe even disappointed why this person didnt come even later)

 Millionaire is millionaire because he is rich on the inside. His mind is full of ideas, possibilities, choices, things to do. He is constantly in movement. He doesnt waste his hours. He uses them max. He thinks outside of box. He thinks of new ways to do old things. His mind is never ending playground.

And last but not least, millionaire knows discipline. Difference between millionaire and normal person is that normal person is too distracted with quick and cheap pleasure. Millionaire is self-sacrificing, postponing pleasure and finding fulfillment in obstacles and challenges.


  1. I’ve been thinking like millionaire since around 2 years now.. and this is really good. Welcome to the journey i bet you are going to enjoy every moment and you’ll be super proud of yourself! 😊. Goodluck 🍀

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