Deaf musician

What is true mastery? What is real genius?

To be considered a genius in your craft, you need to have a very deep understanding of your craft and thing you are doing. You have to be precise and know exactly what is going on.

Look at Ludwig van Beethoven. One of the most famous musicians ever. Beethoven was deaf. He composed some of the most beautiful melodies and he was deaf. What does that tell you?

Man was a genius. Although he was a deaf, he knew exactly what is going on. That is real mastery. He is so much in his craft that he can sense things. In his mind he knows how it is going to sound. He can envision it.

Many great people develop a vision in their mind before they actually do something. Artists, architects, painters… Even people that are doing extreme sports. In order to do everything safely, they need to envision everything before they jump and take a leap. Vision is everything.

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