Embrace the benefits of capitalism

Capitalism? Is it good or is it evil?

It can seem like great evil. It makes people look like machines and slaves. It feels terrible when you wake up at 5 in the morning and you know that you have to rush to get dressed, catch a bus, be stuck in traffic jam and then spend 8 hours in front of computer… Relationships are dissatisfied.. You have new car, you are going to celebrate New Year at some extra cool place and you are going to drink some expansive bottle of something… And you have everything. You even have a big stomach, belly… which represents something. It represent, look, I am not hungry, I have more than enough…look at my new phone…

On the outside, you are a player. You are somebody. But on the inside, you are dying slowly. This rush, this fast life…you start to think what is like to stop and smell a roses. When was the last time that you even saw a real roses? You are surrounded by plastic and artificial things.

Other, less successful people are watching you and thinking how capitalism is evil. It sucks your souls, it kills you, it kills human in you. But this less successful people also live fast life…they just dont have money.

Even church is saying that capitalism is destroying person’s soul?

Let me tell you something. Capitalism is punishment for people that lack creativity.

People go around talking how it is bad. But when it was good? Tell me, which time in history was better? When did you had such freedom? Imagine being born somewhere where they kill you if you deviate even a centimeter from traditional rules..??

Look at artists. This is the first time that artists can become famous and successful while they are alive. Before artists where living poor, hungry, dying without anything. Today artists are some of the richest people.

Capitalism is giving opportunity to normal people to create wealth. You couldnt do that before?

It seems to me that problem is in people, not in system.

Look at movie „Joker“ It is total representation of mindset of mediocre people. Playing a victim. Being against people in power, criticizing society and so on. But look at Joker, Batman and other DC and Marvel characters.. This characters are creation of somebody. This stories, movies, comic books, somebody created them. That somebody is an artist. Millions of people are reading this comic books and watching this movies. Why dont you create something that is going to affect millions of people??? If you do it, then you will say, this capitalism is not so bad. It is actually pretty good thing. I have creative outlet and I am paid for it.

Capitalism has a lots of benefits for mortals like you and me. We just need to learn how to embrace all this.

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