Highly sensitive people

Highly sensitive people. Do you know someone who is highly sensitive? Are you highly sensitive?  How to survive life being highly sensitive?

Growing up, I have always been told to not be so sensitive, to not be so soft, to not offend on every little thing, to be more relaxed and more open. And I actually hate when someone tells me that. Who wants to be perceived as sensitive and soft? It is a weakness.

However, lets talk about highly sensitive people. Being highly sensitive means that person experiences reality more deeply and more intensely than average person. Sensitive person walks in room and immediately is irritated because light it too bright, music is too loud, not appropriate for the moment, people are too loud, they are talking and yelling but no one is listening each other, in corner some people are laughing and taking selfies… There is no harmony in room. It is chaos, noise. And now what will people tell to sensitive person? Come on man, relax, drink something… And if sensitive person doesnt have enough self-awareness, he will force himself to fit more this picture.

Sensitive and introverted people need to realize that their inner world is sacred space. They are at peace when they are alone, in slow environments, quiet enviroments… Their introversion is sacred place, a temple. Then why do you let everyone inside? If certain person is too loud and you dont like this person, then why do let this person in your inner world?

Sensitive people love to listen their thoughts. Their mind is full of possibilities and ideas. Noise only distracts them. For example, Thomas Edison was almost deaf. At some point he had a chance to fix this (I dont know if it was operation or something else) but he refused to do this. He didnt wanted his hearing to be strong because then he has to listen all that trash that is going around. He is more comfortable with his own thoughts.

Now you might say, I dont think that Thomas Edison was sensitive person. And that is because it is common to believe that sensitive people wear rose-colored glasses, which is not true. Sensitive people dont even have to be emotional. They are just sensitive. They feel everything more deeply and profoundly. This is why usually introverts are some of the greatest artists, musicians, composers, innovators… They posses a dimension in mind that most average people cannot even imagine that.

But how to deal with that? How to survive life?

Well, you will have to become tougher. Be sensitive but dont be soft. There is a difference. Dont be naive, easily influenced and manipulated. Assert yourself and protect your inner temple. Dont blindly fall in love and become addicted to affection.

Protect yourself from environments that are not comfortable for you. Dont withdraw and hide.. Go out of your comfort zone. It is ok if something doesnt feel good. Many things dont feel good but you have to do them and they are beneficial to you. But if something doesnt feel right, then avoid it. There is a difference between good and right.

And at the end, highly sensitive people need a purpose, direction. If they dont have a clear path in life, they will be like in turbulent sea… They will be drawning, up and down, left and right, sea will throw them on all sides, if they dont have a clear directions. They need to dedicate their life to something. When you are on purpose, you dont get offended by every little thing. You dont pay attention to it. You have your eyes on horizon.

Sensitive people are no team-players (usually not). It is too much drama and they pick on all that drama. And plus, sensitive people being so much attuned, usually have higher standards, so they find it to work best alone because they dont have to explain things to mediocre people. They need creative outlet. Sensitive people can even be good at martial arts..believe it or not. They are good in solo-sports.

My point is today, be sensitive but dont be weak and soft. Be sensitive but dont be naive and manipulated.

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