Journal, affirmations and personal development

Strange things are happening with our identity and ways we perceive ourselves. How many of you have been a victim of this new age philosophies and personal development stuff…??? 

But what am I saying? Am I saying that you should not improve, develop and become a better person? Should you stay mediocre?

Just search on Internet things like: how to be successful, how to be happy and similar things. Success and happiness are very important but the way this articles are presenting success and happiness, it is very unrealistic.

What are most common advices?

Find your passion, find your inspiration, write affirmations daily, write your journal, be sensitive to your feelings and blah blah blah…

Being a man, all this sounds ridiculous to me. Have you ever watch western movies? Have you seen how cowboys are behaving? Is one cowboy taking his journal and writing affirmations: I AM….? No. Cowboy is natural badass. He goes around on adventures, he fights, he lives… He is not hiding behind cheap philosophy.

Or have you seen people that have been dragged into war. They are forced to become soldiers, to sacrifice their lives… People are becoming engineers, pilots… They have purpose and you are looking for your passion. And then people use terms like, my chakra system is unbalanced… What are you even talking about? You got your mind poisoned with some cheap philosophy.

Dont get me wrong here. Yoga and various movement exercises really can produce some chemical reactions in your body. And it is true, a lots of successful people write a journal… But the things that they are writing in that journal are meaningful things. Entrepreneurs are writing there their business ideas… Thomas Edison was writing ideas about his innovations. Charles Darwin was also writing his ideas and observations in his journal.

That is what journal is for. Dont write there about your little emotions. „Oh, he said that and I got offended, I really hate when he says that. She is ignoring me. I feel terrified. I should become positive and little more detached… I dont like me job, I dont have a passion for that…“

Writing things like this are just going to make you more confused and it will increases a sense of helplessness.

When you write journal, dont think about girl that ignored you, things people have said to you and how your parents dont understand you and how you feel hurt because you have no real friends and blah blah blah… Write there ideas. Business ideas, creative ideas, innovations, plans for future, your goals, things you would like to experience… When I take my journal, it is like entering the temple. Here, on this paper, this is the place. A sacred place. Only big things go here, not small little unimportant things. Here, in this journal, here my mind goes free without any limitations. Here I dream, I write whatever I want. Why should I write about things that I dont want? It is my journal. I am not going to write about girls, friends or anyone else… My journal. My intimate connection to myself and my desires and goals. There is no place here for anyone else. There is no even place for my feelings.. Only place for creative ideas… Things that matter to me.

And this is I think problem that we have today. To many people are focused on themselves, their emotions, they analyze themselves to death. They are living simply for their ego. And you got to change that. You have to live for bigger things in order to feel accomplished.

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