Are you asking wrong questions?

Lets say you got a new job. Or you get your first job. Or you are working on your current job. What are first things people will ask you about your job?

How much is salary? How many hours in week you have to work? When you have day off?

But they are asking wrong questions. Their whole perspective is not good for success.

They should be asking what are you going to learn on this job.? How much do you plan to stay here?  Is it long-term job or just for certain period of time? Is this the job you have been looking for? Is this job going to fulfill you? Does it suits your personality?  Do you encounter a lots of resistance on it?

When your focus is on salary or quota of work-hours, you are missing the whole point. Each job should be an opportunity, experience, something bigger than thing that is paying off your bills. Otherwise you are just a robot. You are working just to pay bills and to have one or two days free in week. There is no perspective in it. Thats not formula for success. It is pure materialism.

Change your questions. Do you even want to work on any job? Do you want to be volunteer? Are you deep down an artist that needs to get creative in order to be mentally healthy? Are you in wrong field? Are you tired of the whole system and you want to go somewhere and volunteer? Do you want half-time job? Full-time job? Are you looking for flexible job? Do you want to travel with your job? What skills do you want to learn? Are you building career? Do you need just a quick job to get some income in?

Where are you going? What are you trying to achieve? Change your questions. Mediocre questions gets you mediocre results.

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