Masculinity, stand your ground, romance is a waste of time

Since always, little boys were forced to become a capable members of community. They were learning how to fight, how to survive, how to go in battle, how to become engineers, how to fix things, how to make things…. They were teached how to become capable individuals that can take care of themselves and weaker people.

But what do we teach our boys today? Not much. Common advice is to finish school, get a job and be silent… Of course, get married, buy house, buy car, make barbecue once in a week…

But where is wilderness???? I believe that every man is wild at his heart. Every man is little tricky badass that likes to push limits, jumps into unknown… Every man is a dreamer. Man was looking into stars and he came to idea, lets make a rocket that can transport us there. Lets go to up there. What kind of person wants to travel in space? A person that has this spark, this wilderness in heart. This insane courage.

But what happens when we stop making boys to be capable individuals?

They grow up without direction. And what happens when man is without direction? He is gravitating towards alcohol, drugs, romance… Thats right, man without direction is gravitating towards romance… So many young men fall in love and they get so attached… That woman becomes their center of universe.

It doesnt matter how sweet and romantic it sounds, this is a man’s downfall.

Where is wilderness? Men should focus on career, crafts, hobbies… When his whole focus in on career or craft, he becomes grounded, less emotional needy, more satisfied, he owns himself, he has an outlet for his wild energy,

I get very sad when I see some young men desperately trying to get attention from women. And I asked myself, what all this men have in common? What makes these men to be so hopeless? And answer is, a lack od direction.

They dont have their own thing. It doesnt matter what it is… Exercising, fixing cars, being outdoors, wood-work, reading, writing, drawing, painting, extreme sports… It doesnt matter what it is, but you have to have your own thing. Your sacred space. A space where you have full control over everything. That space is an outlet for your energy.

When you dont have it, you become an addict. Alcohol addict, drugs addicts, romance addicts, food addicts, music addicts… and so on.


  1. It is not only with men, but both with men and women. The nature of man was to unfold mysteries and be focused, that’s why we had a lot of men with strong purpose who did great inventions. Women are a source of inspiration who inspire men to find their real purpose and take them closer to God, to make harmony and handle problems they are best at handling, but nowadays both have drifted from their real paths and are fighting pointlessly over feminism or other issues.

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