Provide value, dont write about yourself

If you are like me, you are thinking: „Damn, I have too little years on this planet. I am not going to be able to do everything I want.“

So many things to do, so many books to read, so many subjects to study, so many crafts, so many sports, so many instruments, so many languages….. It is endless.

Thousand years wouldnt be enough for me.

Every month I am buying new books, new magazines… Every month I have new ideas in my head.

And then I asked myself, what is the difference between this books/magazines and most of blog posts?

And biggest difference is that this books/magazines are providing knowledge. They educate people, inform people, give people perspective, they can transform people, entertain people, enrich people… Even fiction. Fiction can be valuable as much as non-fiction. Poetry as well. Poetry has the power to express hidden feelings.

What is problem with big number of blog post? They are empty. No value. No one wants to read about your depression, desperation, frustration. No one wants to read about your little small world.

Take few books in your hands and ask yourself, what is difference between this authors and me? This authors are writing about Universe, God, nature, planet Earth, biology, history, medicine, politics… They are writing stories that has power to touch you and influence you.

Who are you going to influence by writing how moody you feel today?

I dont need your moodiness, I have enough of my own. Expand my mind. Influence me . Make me think. Show me something new. Give me your insights. Make difference in my life.

You got to change your thinking. Unless you are writing about your feelings to get some kind of group support… Then that is something entirely else.

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