Who are our professors, teachers and role-models?

Who are our professors, teachers and role-models?

I remember couple of years ago when I was having a conversation with my father.. He told me, find yourself a good high-paying job. And I told him, but I want to be rich. And he told me that I need to work to get rich. But how it comes that so many people are working and they are not rich? Not everybody can get rich, my father said. But I dont want to be everybody. I dont want to work my whole life and still end up with no money and no time at the end of my career. Dont you see situation around us? People are working, they are tired, they are becoming fat, and they still struggle financially and they have no time. There is no passion in them. I am explaining to my father. Just stop to philosophize and find yourself a job, my father said. And I remember being angry. Dont you see people around? That lifestyle is not working? Why should I become a part of something which is not functioning? I want to be rich. Still trying to prove something to my father. But you cant be rich, you have no circumstances for it, my father is telling me. Then I will be poor, I said. And he looked me like what am I talking about…??? I am either going to be rich or poor, but I will not be in middle.

My father could never understand what I was talking about.

I grow up witnessing people around me struggling with money. Even people that had average jobs and salaries were struggling. Wherever we would go, people would complain about money and how they need to go on job everyday and that they have to pay off a debt and that they have no time for anything and blah blah blah.

Wait a minute, you really think that I dream one day to become like this? Yes, I wake up in morning before alarm clock and I am totally excited because I have debt, I have no time, I have no joy in my life… I am excited about things… No.

I didnt grow up to be inspired, but I grow up to be fearful. I didnt grow up to make some changes but to silently become a part of this whole circus.

I struggle through school as well. I was forced to learn about big great people but I was not educated to become one of those big people. I was educated to become like my professors. You are chemistry teacher and you dint teach me how can I make my own researches and experiments. You are teaching me about Nikola Tesla but you didnt teach me how to think like Nikola Tesla. You are teaching me economics but you didnt teach me how to get rich.

What is going on?

I started writing my own blog and some people told me, why are you writing, you are not an expert???

My chemistry teacher was not expert either. She never did any experiment in her life and she is still teaching at school. Explain that???

My professor is teaching me about economics, businesses, and he has never run a business. He is not rich. How do you explain that???

So often I have heard that professors are raising our kids. I can say with 100% conviction that it is not true. Look at the most successful people in any area… Most of them are self-educated people or they got their education in some unconventional way.

Point is, my parents, my relatives, my teachers, they never taught me how to think. They only gave me bunch of information and directions. I remember many professor were complaining how the rate of employment is getting lower and lower every year. Good. What should I do now with that information??? It is not practical. You are only putting fear in my head. Why dont you come with an idea how to increase rate of employment??

Many people, me as well, think and have told me that blogging is out-of-date. Good. But how can we make it come alive? Is our content boring? Do we maybe need to become more creative, entertaining, valuable in order to change that?

Reality is that people are so lazy in their thinking. They are satisfied with quick answers. They dont want to investigate things.


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