What are grandparents?

Yes, parents of your parents, but grandparents are much more. Whoever had a chance to meet their grandparents, they will tell you that it is a different kind of love. Grandparents are going to tolerate you more than your parents. Grandparents will never be angry at you. Grandparents will do everything just to make you happy.

I remember one year, it was a New Year evening. I didnt had any firecrackers and my grandfather put me in car and took me to shop. There was a complete chaos. It is New Year, people are everywhere hurrying, buying everything they need to buy. Rushing here and there. We found some firecrackers but then my grandfather realized that he didnt bring his wallet with him. He told me, just put everything in your pockets. And he putted firecrackers in my pockets, pants, jacket and everywhere where he could put it. He did the same. He filled his pockets and jacket with firecrackers. No one noticed anything because it was such a chaos and we just walk away.

There is not a single thing that my grandparents wouldnt do for me. It is different than with the parents. Parents are still young and they are still struggling with life.. When you are with parents, they are always trying to teach you a lesson, but when you are with grandparents, they just let you be what you are. They are not trying to prove something to you. When they see you, they are so happy, like really happy.

I am fortunate that I had a opportunity to grow up with my parents and grandparents as well. And I am fortunate that even today my grandparents from both sides are still alive. I am always going somewhere with them. Even today I am spending summers on village with my grandparents… And it is such a valuable time because I know that it is not going to last forever..My grandparents are old and we dont have many summers in front of us. So every time I am there, I am trying to make most of it. We are like a little team. My grandparents and me.

My grandfather teached me everything. About gardening, about tools, about wood-work, things around the house… About trees, forests, rivers… And meanwhile while my grandfather and I are going around doing something, my grandmother is preparing a lunch like there are 10 people coming to lunch but no one is coming, it is only for us.

When I think about my grandparents, I am thinking about love, happiness, joy, safe zone, home, security…

And whoever knows me, knows that I am talking a lot about my grandparents.

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