Do you play video games? Then market yourself

Not so long ago, I was researching something and I have read that some video games are considered to be sports. It is in category of the sports. Please dont ask me names of these games because I am not big fan of video games and I dont follow what is going on in that world. However, point is that certain video games are now sports.

And other day I was speaking with my friend and I mentioned this, and he said that he knows about this and in fact, one of his friend is professional player. In the beginning, he was very happy about this…can you imagine being professional video game player to a person that loves video games… It is like dream job. But very soon it became a burden. My friend is telling me about his friend. Consuming 10 hours in a day, responsibilities, obligations… It is everything but not dream job anymore for him.

And I am thinking. Ok, you like to play video games??? And you would like to live by playing video games?? But being professional video game player takes all the joy out of it??? Then change your approach. If you are professional video game player, I am pretty sure that you are good video game player. Then why dont you stream yourself playing video games? 

There are so many people on YouTube that are streaming themselves playing video games.. And they have millions and millions of followers. And plus, it seems that they have a good time. Why dont you do the same? I am following some channels on YouTube about repairing cars, wood-work, outdoors channels…and these channels are so good. You can learn so much from it. You can learn life-skills, practical skills by watching this videos. And then I see some channel where people are just playing video games, and these channels have 5 or 6 times more subscribers. I couldnt believe it. For me it is kind of sad, but that is reality.

Point is, if you are good professional video game player, you have a very good chance that people will follow you. You will build community, have fun, play video games for living and plus, the most important thing, you will have flexibility. You make your own schedule.

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