I remember the first time I heard a term minimalism and philosophy behind it, I immediately liked it. The desire to live with less, have less in order to experience more. If you ask retired soldiers, many of them will say that time they spent in military was were fulfilling. But why? Because it was simple life, they had purpose, no distractions and many people that are on the same page.

If you google or put in YouTube search „minimalism“, what will you see? Most of this people are living in apartments that are almost empty, white walls, not a lot of material possessions and a laptop or computer. It is almost a norm for minimalists.

Dont get me wrong that I am saying that something is wrong with their lifestyles, absolutely no… But minimalism is much more. At least in my eyes.

In my experience, material things dont play big thing in my life anyway. I can have material things but I dont get attached to them. I am more minimalist in psychological sense. What does it mean? In my case, I dont get overwhelmed by material things, I get overwhelmed when I am spending too much time on my laptop, too much time with certain people, too much time listening music, too much time being wasted on meaningless things. Those experiences destroy me more on the inside than to have a room full of stuff.

That is at least my experience. I do understand that some people dont have such outlook and that they have different needs, and that is ok.

My point is that minimalism is not only about material things. It could be that your whole life you are living in the neighborhood and constantly everyday you have to deal with neighbors you dont like, go in market you dont like, it is too much people, too much stimulation going on… Minimalism is to make your life simple, and your life will become simple if you move from that neighborhood.

Minimalism can be that you dont want to train in commercial gym and you make your own gym at home.

For some people minimalism can be that they dont want to to go in restaurant anymore and that they want to prepare food at their own home. For some people it can be totally opposite..they dont want to cook at home anymore and they decide that they will eat only in restaurants.

Minimalism is however and whatever you perceive to be simpler way of life.

Some people decide to work less so that they can hang out more with people, and some people decide to stop hanging out so much with people so that they spend more time working.

Some people decide to live without computer and Internet..and other people decide to dont posses anything except their computer.

I could go on and on.

Minimalism is whatever you want it to be. It is not a rule, it is a suggestion that you minimize everything unnecessary in your life and to make more space for things that do matter to you.


    1. Yes, I agree with you. Only thing that is little bit out of control for me, are books. I am constantly buying books and I have at home around 60-70 books that I havent read yet… But anyways, if I stop buying them, It is not going to do any significant financial difference in my life..but on the other hand, it means something to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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