What is life?

What is life?

Since I was little boy, I was thinking about purpose of life. What is life? What? How? Why? What it means?

To be honest, today I am not thinking so much about it anymore. You just accept that you cannot figure it out, that you have limited time and you can use that time.

But questions that are going through my mind are, is there destiny? What future holds for me? Am I going to waste my life? Will I succeed or fail? Will I live long-age or will I die by accident? Will I have children and grand-children? Am I going to always be healthy and have vitality? Will I make any difference in world? Will I invent something new? What will I become? Can I be this? Can I be that? What is waiting me? What is there for me? ….I am stressing my head.

Finally, I came to conclusion that is acceptable for me. Life is potential. Pure potential. You are born with limited number of days. Is number of those days already decided or not by some higher force, I dont know, but you do have limited number of days. Whatever you do in those days, it is up to you. Yes, lots of things are forced on you, lots of forces and circumstances play role here as well, but it is up to you to decide your direction in life. Only problem is that so often we feel that we dont have a power to direct our lives in certain directions. Well, we do have power, but we dont have clear directions. Thats the problem.

In the evening, when I will be on my computer, I can decide to either mindlessly surf the Internet or I can decide to read about technology, how mobile phones are working, how does Internet works, how do robots works…. and so on. I can choose what I am going to do with my time. I can believe that I am born without capacity to understand technology, or I can challenge life, and actually start engaging more and more in these topics…and thing that I will very soon realize is that I can become whatever I want if I put consistent effort in it.

Life is pure potential. Endless potential. It is up to me how am I going to explore it and what am I going to make of it.

Right now, lets say you are sitting in your room reading this. Ask yourself, what is my potential right now? I could stop reading all this blog posts and I could go outside of house, climb on tree and sing. Yes, I know, it sounds crazy. But it is potential, you can do it. You are capable of doing it, but you probably wont do it… My point is that right now you can do much more things instead of just sitting in your room. Ask yourself what are potential things you could do right now.?

Right now as I am writing this, I could write here the most disgusted blog post ever. So disgusted that you will sue me. Thats my potential. But my potential is that I can also day by day, slowly develop relationship with you, provide you value, effect you, create big line of followers and then one day I will have this potential of couple of thousand followers. I can collaborate with them, I can reach them, I can start projects with them… Because those followers are potential. This blog is potential. Whole life is big potential. It is up to you.  

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