First parachute and first BASE jump

If you ask most people to write their bucket list, many of them would put BASE jumping on that list or something involving parachute’s…

But how it was invented? Who invented parachute? Who came to an idea to invent something so that you safely jump from enormous heights? And who was crazy enough to even try it to see if it works?

Since always men had desires to fly. To conquer nature. To play with laws of physics. Flying, jumping, freedom.

Leonardo da Vinci is first person that came to an idea about parachute and first person that actually draw sketches about how parachute should look like. Unfortunately, he was not able to built it during his lifetime. However, his sketches didnt get lost, and Faust Vrancic is considered to be a first person that actually built first parachute and made first, what would be called BASE jump today. He did it in year 1617. jumping from St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. Interesting thing is the fact that Faust Vrancic was 65 years old when he made that jump. Isnt that interesting??? That is power of spirit.That is considered to be first successful BASE jump. Paolo Guidotti built some kind of parachute as well, also following da Vinci’s sketches, but his attempt resulted only in broken legs. (He was lucky)

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