How to deal with panic attacks

How to deal with panic attacks?

Recently I am seeing a lots debates about anxiety, mental illness, panic attacks and etc.

What I dont like about what they are saying is that you should seek professional help and get on pills. (Well, if you feel on edge, please go and seek professional help)

But by this advice, they are not giving you the power, in fact, they are taking power away from you and they are putting that power in hands of ‘professional people’.

Always somebody else has power. Psychiatrist have power, priest have power, politicians have power, bosses have power… Always somebody else know better than you. You are too afraid to trust your own abilities. Take power in you hands.

I remember few years ago I got a job in one shop that is selling gadgets, devices and etc. When you are new there, every week they are sending you in different shop. First week, it was fine. I was learning about my new job, getting to know the products, learning about my responsibilities and so on. Second week they sent me to shop that was in big shopping center. There was complete chaos. So many people, such a rush.. My colleagues told me, look, we dont have time to give you attention, just watch what we are doing and do everything what you are capable to do on your own. So I was thrown in fire. And to be honest, it wasnt so bad. Reason why is because I had a freedom to use my own brain. I didnt had to constantly look around to see if my colleagues are going to approve what I have said. They were not criticizing me, giving me directions… I was just observing them and very quickly I was able to repeat what they were doing. And it worked perfect. My third week, they sent me to one small shop and there was only one guy. Small shop, one guy, your mentor, not a lots of people…. This guy, mentor, killed me psychologically. He didnt give me breathing room. All the time he was telling me what to do. Put this here, take this here, make this, make that…because we didnt have lots of people coming in, he was inventing all kinds of tasks for me. He was observing my every move and was giving me unwanted feedback on totally unimportant things. I didnt have room and space to use my own brain, make my own conclusions…in other words, I didnt own myself. He owned me. He was controlling my mind and body. Everyday he is giving me instructions… And longer I spent time there, my morale just went down… And then in one moment we had couple of people in shop, which is not usually a case, and he is telling me what to do, customers are asking me questions… and all of sudden, I froze. I became paralyzed. I couldnt move myself. I didnt know where to go anymore. I didnt know what to do anymore, what to say… Completely paralyzed. I wouldnt say that it was panic attack but for sure it was some kind of it. But how did this happened? It happened because for couple of days I was not master of my mind and body… Somebody else was controlling my mind and body. Power was not in my hands, power was in hands of my mentor. Instead of relying on my intuition and my instincts, I was listening someone else instructions. Back then I was too young to figure out what was going on. I thought that something was wrong with me.

My point is, if you have panic attacks, suffer from anxiety or anything else, dont go to professional people. They will give you instructions. You will be under their control. You will feel that you are stupid and incapable and this person is all-mighty and this person holds a key for your well-being.

Dont go there (unless you really are on the edge)… Stop giving power in hands to other people. Take power in your own hands and remove yourself from all situations that are taking power from you. Start controlling your own mind and body and you will for sure not have panic attacks. You cannot play by someone else rules and be your own man.

And the more people are telling you what to do, the more you lose your own mind and identity, individuality, uniqueness….

Other tips for anxiety and panic attacks… Fast regularly. I am sure that fasting can help you in so many ways. No alcohol, drugs, reduce your coffee intake.. Exercise, do yoga, move… have goals, have projects, learn something new…. But most importantly, control your life.

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