How to deal with rejection and being offended?

Do you ever get out with your friends or somewhere where people are and then get offended by something? Something irritates you. All of sudden you become insecure, confused, you dont know what exactly to do? Should you leave or should you stay to prove something, to change picture about yourself…??? What to do?

But why this happens? This emotional chaos? How is created?

Let me tell you why it was happening to me. I would wake up at noon, nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to call, complete nothingness. Then I would try to numb myself with everything I can. Music, movies, videos, books….then in the evening I would go out with my friends that are in same situation like me. Meeting my friends was always considered to be a peak of my day. However, very often those meetings would result in some strange way and I was always going home feeling deeply dissatisfied and empty. I am overthinking things that happened. Analyzing. Worrying. I know all those things are really not important but I just cant get them out of my head.

But why is that happening?

That is happening because I got nothing going on in my life.

When you have different activities, projects, things you will do today, then your whole day is at peak. You dont feel empty, this nothingness… Just the opposite. And then if someone says something to you, you dont feel offended. If someone rejects you, you dont go in that deep analysis… Because you have so much going on and you are so fulfilled that you will not get overwhelmed with little meaningless things. When you have nothing going on, then those meetings with friends become your center of Universe and you are trying to get out of them as much as possible. You are almost like beggar. You are begging for attention.

So if you are getting too much irritated, it is either that you got nothing going on that day or you have wrong things going on.

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